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Welcome to the "Strictly Bull Terriers" Forum. This is a Bull Terrier Forum dedicated to all the true English Bull Terrier enthusiasts around the world.



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  • Well thats great to hear I just wanted to see if he liked it and he did but im going to wait till he gets older to I just wanted to see what yalls input was and see if everyone agreed that is was safe
  • See from all recommendations Iv put Thor on Blue Wilderness grain free large breed puppy food and the only reason iv done so is vet and everyone has told me it is one of the best and the reason for large breed puppy food is because Blue reps say any…
  • Thank you thank you... I just wouldn't want to ruin a already perfect breed as they are already.... but I owe it to all of yall for giving me the information and and how perfectly our EBT our today 
  • And awsome pics I love all of them
  • Ok see thank yall for that because every time I talk about it to people they disagree and try and tell me its cruel but the way I look at it is if they enjoy it and he is wagging his tell in joy then I see nothing wrong with it and from what I know …
  • Sorry lol im just very passionate about the EBT breed
  • And yall know the funny thing is not just 3 weeks ago my friends, friend wanted to stud Thor out to his pit and was really really bugging me I meen bugging and I told him flat out no that im not ruining the EBT breed or the APBT breed so go bug some…
  • Which will most definitely keep it as his daily harness if it is wrong to have him pull stuff lol
  • In my mined I take that as stealing when its your property and they put it as theres and they make people think its there... so what im coming to is they should be prosecuted by the full extent of the law 
  • Why thank you steve I just love sharing him to all of yall wish I could meet every bully on here and the same for yall with thor
  • My little 5 month old baby
  • He actually got up the tree with me... but I thought it was hilarious when he got up there and then was like how do I get down lol
  • Not a problem at all always feels good to help a bully lover but now I can say one thing my vet has told me to try multiple times I tell is is to apply pressure on the ruff the the inner of the mouth and it shows somewhat good progression but its s…
  • I would agree with everyone here my baby Thor still nips at other ppl besides me but its not in an aggressive sence but as a hay wonna play or supper excited... I do feel bad and tried to get him out of this habit but when he goes to lick a face he …
  • Thanks guys I appreciate the compliments... Iv been blessed with have such a great little bully and still growing... and I got lucky with a very buff pup to and the fun part is he loves pulling weights lol but only 5 months old and still getting eve…
  • Sorry for the quality of the pics had to use front cam 
  • Selfies lol he is getting so big from when I first got him
  • Well couldn't get the video to upload but heres a couple pics lol but he is 5 months now and might have a slight heart mermer... but vet said it could be his growing... he is alittle over 40 pounds now and health and being very socail with dogs and …
  • Yea lol I guess the video didn't wonna upload lol ill get it
  • Yea its crazy stoeg but I guess he was prepared at all one bit but at least you got yours out but the crazy thing is that it was a brand new jeep to lol and yes Thor was pulling with all his might so you csn say bay Thor with no hammer yet lol and t…
  • Thank you very much Exiled I really do my best to get out and do stuf lf with him... to the park, dog park, wilderness hiking and exploring and giving him the best diet a dog can have lol he does everything with me besides human stuff lol but I love…
  • Thanks Rumour he really is... he plays with all the girl dogs at the dog park and he brings in the people girls to lol the ladies in both dog and people cant resist him lmbo
  • The first one is my car.. and the second is a jeep we found flipped at the caves I take Thor lol
  • This is what happens when they do drive lol
  • Dang thanks guys tese all sound like great ideas and I took Thor to his vet today and she said that it will be fine that he should be loseing his baby teeth within the next couole weeksso Iim gonna for sure try these
  • Thanks Apollo that sounds like a great idea ill do that and I know Thor will love it to lol
  • Aww well that stinks.... I didn't know that loseing there teeth was such a painful process.... but yea thats crazy I didnt know they lose them like that lol poor Stoeges and Apollo
  • Ok cool that sounds great yea I was worried I heard snap so I started freaking out lol well see im pretty sure its his baby teeth that he still has.... so yall eased my mine..... so will I find his teeth laying around or weill he most likely eat the…
  • See I could see the nerve in there it was bleeding but didn't bother him a bit and still isn't but yep nerve is showing
  • See and the same goes for Thor he looks fawn but at the same time red so ill call him redzy fawn lol but great looking bully