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Welcome to the "Strictly Bull Terriers" Forum. This is a Bull Terrier Forum dedicated to all the true English Bull Terrier enthusiasts around the world.


Update on Moose Just received bloodwork back. Everything is good. He only shows gut inflammation which explains his diarrhoea issues with kangaroo diet. I was advised to revert back to lamb only along with malaseb daily soaks for his feet. Once I receive the bag balm I will use this also. We are concentrating on gaining weight as he is only 23kilos and hasn’t gained since December and regaining his energy levels as he has been very lethargic. Hoping to see some improvement soon.


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  • All great comments. I thought I’d suggest another random one. Have you got a friend with a dog to walk with? Of course a dog that Umbra likes Beautiful pic of McKenzie Boomer!
  • I know too! Watching and telling them to stop licking, biting....they know too and feel guilty poor boys. You will work it out hopefully sooner than later. I finally discovered what triggered my Moose with seizures, which was too much vitamin A (of…
    in Allergies Comment by jur45 November 15
  • My words exactly Tina....I don’t know what to say but I know Ariana, you know, we feel for you all..... hugs, kisses, angels are with you Heart emojis on and on and on.......
  • Hello sorry to hear your boy is suffering. Most of us struggle to find the culprit causing these outbursts in our boys. Can you think of anything different at time of chin becoming red//itchy? I gather you scrutinised diet changes if any, at th…
    in Allergies Comment by jur45 November 14
  • Here are my hearts and angels coming through
  • Hello again Thankyou and wishing you all the best with news for your precious babe. I must let you know I have had a lot of help and success from Donna your owns a company ‘’ here in Australia. Please get in touch with her in hel…
  • My heart emojis never upload but are with you.
  • Omg Ariana, it’s really hard to write words of what you and Jackson must be feeling every minute. I’m lost but know everyone who can will reach out and help you in this desperate situation and don’t feel guilty in doing this. We all hope n pray for …
  • Right on Boomer
  • Enjoy, he’s gorgeous
    in New member Comment by jur45 November 8
  • Welcome Arthur. We hope to hear your milestones amongst this group as you mature every day and the smiles you create for your family. I give up on scales and concentrate on what you can see regarding healthy weight and structure. Love your boy the w…
  • Hello n welcome! Your gonna have a wonderful time with Dakota, challenging and rewarding lol Love every day My boys Moose n Memphis
    in New here :) Comment by jur45 November 3
  • Gee she really looks cozy and human xxxx
  • Hey Tina Check this cute shot
  • Awwww so sweet Tina
  • Thankyou Tina Is the weather better your way, I mean for Billie?
  • Hello Tina and sweet Billie Yes we are ok Thankyou. Moose is great but Memphis still hasn’t shown any improvement with his skin issues.....yet, but I’ll get there. We have a great time none the less. Swim, jumping and an entertainment they ar…
  • I’m sure you’ll tackle it A1 Tina as you always do and she’ll be more mature and healthy at that time when due. I have till 2yo for Moose but I can join a dog association and therefore avoid ‘fixing’ him unless I make the decision if ever it need…
  • Thinking of you this morning as I encountered a dog on heat As soon as they told me quick divert but we travelled the same direction but my magic wand kept my boys in toe
  • The full body cuddle lol you gotta love this but they are heavy....I can’t stand when my long hair gets stuck under them Beautiful smoosh times though enjoy xx
  • Awww Tina it looks like she’s in a swim cozie beautiful! I gather you can’t walk her whilst in heat? I don’t know what it’s like for girls but it would drive the boys nuts lol Moose is still doing great no seizures but Memphis still has skin i…
  • Awww Gnocchi.....such an impressive solid a pic of him smiling for us Easy said I get it, maybe on his birthday!
    in Gnocchi Comment by jur45 September 28
  • Hey Tina brought that solution you use fingers crossed it helps Memphis. Those footsies are spotless coz of those booties lol I’m now walking bare footed along with my dogs and unfortunately my partner cannot distinguish the dogs rough feet to m…
  • Such twins hey Tina By the way all my emojis n faces come out as question marks or weird signs lol
  • Hello Tina Love love love the couch pic, so cheeky She’s looking pampered as you always do Keep up the amazing work Tina????????????
  • I’ll google that product Thankyou
  • Thankyou Tina love to share our love
  • Thanks Tina I too rock a few muscles from carrying those sticks Having issues with skin RE Memphis At first I thought that’s a stick injury, bitten ear etc and his head spot that never subsided, but when he gets active they bleed. I put CS o…
  • Sorry it’s taken me awhile but another ‘welcome’ coming from down under Oh yes she’s beautiful ????