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Welcome to the "Strictly Bull Terriers" Forum. This is a Bull Terrier Forum dedicated to all the true English Bull Terrier enthusiasts around the world.



Richlands, NC
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Richlands, NC
Canada (Ottawa)


  • chooba
    These puppies are about an hour away from me, and I have recently been looking to add another EBT to the family.
    I know its a long shot, but have you heard of an Andrea Ray from Michigan ?
    She has these puppies on and hoobly.

    I'm sensing red flags, but maybe I'm just being paranoid.
    February 2016
    • BulliesofNC
      Sorry but you will not find a "reputable" breeder advertising their puppies and you certainly won't see any reputable breeders advertising through 3rd party websites like Hoobly which is where all the backyard breeders and puppymills list their puppies.
      To make a point, recognize that this particular breeder lists their bloodline from "Milky Way" as if that is something to be proud of. Milky Way (owner: Julia Fisher from Ukraine) is a well known puppymill pusher that resorts to exporting puppies only. She uses fancy photos on her website but her exported EBT's have been known to be heath challenged and lack the qualities people would expect. I recommend you research the bloodline to cast your own judgement. Many of her puppies have been imported to the USA but I have yet to see one worthy of compliment. Sadly though, I have heard about many born with genetic disorder. Julia Fisher knows me well because I called her out for trying to fool people by exploiting a puppy she was posing with her hand over his saddleback mark on a puppy she claimed as pure white. She's a crook and relies heavily on selling all her puppies through online sale which require shipping abroad.
      The breeder you mention has no reputation at all and has not earned a bloodline reputation for themselves. Instead they are trying to exploit Milky Way as if it's good bloodline. Little do they know, it's a bloodline that most with knowledge avoid.
  • chooba

    i didnt think this question would be best served on the public forum. what are your thoughts on this guy.
    Hunting dogs are a way of life, and the way they work is violent, and it has to be, wild hogs are no joke. But I'd rather jump in the ring myself than see chooba square up on one.
    Not to mention the fact it every breed he touches seem to be more liability than family pet.
    Can you train a dog to be so aggressive and get completely trustworthy ? I'm not so sure.

    November 2015
    • BulliesofNC
      Over the years I have seen many BT's utilized in hunting. Mostly hog hunting where their fearless working abilities coupled with their strength and power. Something to remember is that years ago dog breeds were initiated for specific purposes many of which focused around hunting. The "Bully" breeds were bred for the purpose of handling the more dangerous animals that required strength, mobility, and fearless dedication. Bull Terriers were actually Bull baiters at one time.
      There's no question that the vast majority of dog owners purchased their beloved dog for companionship. However, even today, there are still many people who not only raise dogs for companionship but also for specific working responsibility.
      I know a guy in Texas who owns a large peice of land which unfortunately has an overpopulation of wild hog which pose serious problems to harvest and wreak havoc to the area. It is a way of life to some people to hunt for food as well as to control the population of certain wildlife. Dogs can often greatly benefit hunters when trained properly. The gentleman I know in Texas has been training dogs for years to hunt wild hog. He's used many different breeds most of which were Bull type breeds. However, he admits that his #1 hunting dog is a Bull Terrier. His dogs are cherished for their working abilities and their achievements are a result of his time spent training them.
      I too could never imagine any of my BT's tangling with a wild hog and there's no question none of them would be safe from harm since they were not trained for it. I don't like seeing any dogs used for this type of hunting without the use of kevlar protection no matter how well they are trained.
      Hunting is very popular in my area here in NC. Many hunters use dogs for the deer hunting too in order to drive them out from where they are bedding down and send them running towards the hunters. Obviously BT's aren't used for this type of hunting nor are they used for any kind of bird hunting. There's a place for many types of dogs when it comes to hunting but when it comes to big game and dangerous prey the breed of choice for hunters will always be Bully type. Bull Terriers are actually becoming more and more populated for hog hunting due to their natural abilities.
      Nope, you'll never see any of my Bullies engaged in this kind of activity but I can't exactly condemn those that train their dogs for the naturally bred abilities for working purposes. I just wish they would all do so with as much safety precautions for the dogs as feasibly possible.