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Spoiled Bully

NFL season starts now! I've taken Spud to the park for an hour, played fetch for 30 minutes and another 30 minute walk right now. Now that football is starteing I have to find something to spoil and occupy Spud while I watch games. Today he gets a raw buffalo bone marrow to chew on for hours while I watch before he sleeps.

What do you guys spoil your bully to keep them occupied for hours on end?


  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    I think you need to get Spud off the Red Bulls.... We similarly spend most of the day keeping them preoccupied and exercised... Thankfully by the time 7:30 rolls around they are spent enough to cuddle on the couch and watch TV with us or enjoy the scenery on the back of their eyelids.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • Yea, I keep him occupied but he sleeps after the park. When he wakes up we stay out in the yard where I play fetch with him then let him explore. He takes another nap and I prepare dinner then take him for the walk and yard play again.

    It's 6:30 now and he's just chewing his elephant stuffed animal while I watch football. Didn't need to give him the bone marrow yet.
  • well, seeing as how an average everyday walk is about 2-4 hours, depending on the weather, if its not too hot we will go for 5-6 hours.

    then we play in the yard either fetch, flirt pole or the unbreak-o-ball for an hour.

    then I freeze all meals so they usually take about 20 minutes to eat (if im lucky!)


    BUT, if I want peace and quiet for a while, I hand them dear spines, whole deer spines-let them chew on them for several hours on speciel occasions they can last for months!


  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    You mean all this time I've been wasting the deer spine? How long do you let wild game freeze before providing them the raw meat and bones. I boil all the venison I provide my Bullies and have always been a little hesitant to give them any raw bone from wild game. But a must admit they LOVE venison. Not too much longer now and the freezer will be full again. Kim tell me more about the deer spines.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • I will have to get deer spine. What do I need to look out for as he's chewing on it? Any help is good.

    We normally so a 1.5 hour dog park play and he's tired around an hour and we rest for the last 30. He's still young so when he gets older i expect to do a little more stuff like hiking and running.
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    You have to be careful of of CWD in the areas it is present, but if your used to eating your own venison, then your probably sued to having it tested thru the DNA before eating it anyways.


    As far as parasites go-I have never been too worried aout my dogs getting parasites because my dogs don't eat the intestinal tract where most parasites live-plus they are also on a monthly  wormer.

    BUT-if you do worry about parasites, freezing venison for 2 weeks will suffice in killing any lingering parasite, wild caught fish area  different matter and should be frozen for up to 6 weeks (difference is, parasites living in mammals need warmth, parasites in fish do not.


    the spines I gave my two still had a decent amount of meat on them, I would give them to them to munch on for several hours then pick it up and put it back in the freezer until the next time.


    deer legs are also much loved treats-my dogs eat the hooves off first before eating the rest, stripping the fur off and eating that too. here is a video of Cesar carrying around a deerl eg I gave him-he had to go out to go potty, but didn't want to set his leg down :)

    even Chimera as a 7 months old was able to demolish a deer leg-fur and all!


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  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    I understand that dogs will be dogs, they are meat eaters, and love chewing on bones but over the years people have domesticated them so much and have a whole different opinion on what their natural diet is or should be. There are plenty of people that will cringe at these photos and for the ones that are cringing please keep an open mind that you can't train a dog out of its natural instincts and what some see cruel, wrong, or sick others see as natural and healthy. Other people feel saddened when they hear about a dog owner feeding their dog Dog Chow or Kibbles and Bits knowing that dog will be neglected from a well balanced and proper diet. Now I'm not sure I could watch one of my dogs chomp down on the leg of deer especially unskinned. But I do provide my dogs venison because I know it's very healthy for them.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    On that note.... "Poor Bambie".... Actually that's what all my pals called me for about 3 months after I shot a deer out of season on a hog shoot last year. Cruel aren't they.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • I have to admit I am a bit grossed out looking at the pics, but I guess it's no different than the sawed cow leg bones in my freezer. Maybe it's just the skin grossing me out, I don't know. I think it would definitely be a tasty treat, minus the fur. LOL.
  • Oh yeah, back to treats...... if I need a lite while I give Apollo a stuffed Kong. That will usually give me 20 minutes to sweep and mop the floor.
  • Yes, I know many people would be quite  upset to see a dog eating whole dead prey animal, or these deer legs-but remember, people WILL hunt deer for meat-its a given, these legs were to be thrown away by the processor who processed this deer, things like the rib cage, spine,legs, pelvis,etc, would all have been thrown away in a large dumpster.


    by me taking these things-my dogs get a good meal, and we are not contributing to wasteful-ness

    same as when I take meat that is still good from the grocery store, people don't buy it because it just doesn't get sold, so they throw it in the dumpster to be taken away to a dump, by me taking it for my dogs to eat, im making sure that, those cows,chickens,turkeys, etc are not killed needlessly in slaughterhouses.


    I see it as-they are killed anyways-the parts are going to be throw away if I don't take them and use them-I may as well use them!

  • It definitely doesn't upset me. In fact, I'd love to share it on my Facebook page and gross out some of my anti hunting/ vegetarian friends! =)) I'm a avid member of PETA..... People Eating Tasty Animals!! :@)
  • Go right ahead Apollosmama, you should see my FB photos in my raw feeding album :D
  • I watched a guy buy but gravy train yesterday:( poor dog
    Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear your words.
  • My buddy butchers Whitetail Deer every year, hundreds of them... I planned to visit him for some Venison.

    Now I gotta get Stoge some spines and legs before they hit the dumpster and the rendering guy comes to pick 'em up!
  • Spud turns 7 months tomorrow. He just wants to say hi to everyone especially Stoeger.

    FYI - he's looking at the two cats my niece has over. One allows Spud to play with her but the other always runs away. I'll try and get a picture with Spud's cat friend playing.
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  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    Happy 7 little ones Spud! Your'e looking real cool!
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • Stoeger has been super busy today with company but also wishes spud a happy seven month!
  • Happy lucky 7 spud!!!!
    Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear your words.
  • I think it's great you guys use up a lot of the deer. Must occupy them for a decent amount of time. Somehow food came up with this older guy I see sometimes the other day. I told him how I throw raw meats in sometimes or mix in with his kibble. The way he reacted you would have thought I said I was feeding him humans. He had the theory of feeding raw makes dogs "blood thirsty" I continued on laughing in his face. He tells me he feeds his dog kibbles & bits. I never argue with these people because it's just a waste of time.

    Lately I've been meeting people that have owned dogs their whole life. Yet they still don't understand the way dogs communicate and act. Even worse on the whole diet subject. I'm always an open book when it comes to this stuff and have gained more knowledge in this last year than it seems your average person does in a lifetime. It doesn't really take a whole lot of effort these days with all of the resources readily available.
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    Yes, Ignorance is Bliss,... and it abounds!!
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
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