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Introducing pups

My sis has 13 week old cute pup we introduced the big bullie pup and little pup was so scared. Beau just wanted to jump all over her and eat her up had to hold the beaulishes back. Should we have just let them get on with it. Little pup was also barking at beau...


  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    The problem is that your Bullie is still a puppy himself and has no concept how to interact with an infant puppy. His playfulness could be too rough and cause injury to a young puppy.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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    >It's interesting that the Introducing Pups subject popped
    up now.
    My wife's two Poms never accepted Trayler since day one.  Even though
    Trayler never snapped nor shown aggression towards the two.  Kikko the
    male Pom is 15 yrs old, has a heart condition and on meds, and the other is 3
    but was more vicious and always attacked when Trayler gets within 5 ft from
    her.  All Trayler wanted was to play with them.  It has taken a toll on all three dogs as well as my wife and I.
    It wasn’t fair to Kikko in his twilight year(s) to have to cower under a chair
    whenever Trayler entered the same room and it wasn’t fair to Trayler to
    restrict his movement in the house.  To
    alleviate the stress for all concern, I felt it best, with a heavy heart to
    have fostered Trayler today to my niece and her husband who both adore
    him.  Once Kikko passes, it’s possible
    to take Trayler back but till then I have visitation rights.
    I’ll still log in and read the discussion boards and occasionally post with pics of

  • Thanks I think in general beau has no concept of interacting with all dogs she's a funny one she just jumps on every dog wanting to play but doesn't even back off if they growl she's very vocal if they walk sounds like a cat screeching ' come back' :-S would you think it's best we keep them apart until the littlen is bigger??
    @seon that's so sad but lucky you can have regular contact hope all works out well.
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    @Seon - That's sad. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and Trayler.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • That's very sad to read, Seon.  You are a kind person and sweet to do this for Kikko and Trayler.  Hoping that Trayler can be back in your home soon.
  • As long as you did what you felt best for all parties involved, you did the right thing and it's very fortunate that you get to still have interactions with him!
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