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Training "Tags"....

 Just wanted to Pop in for a bit and pass this on just in case someone with a lil Bully is suffering from those Popcorn Jumps where they aim for your face! I mentioned somewhere else that you good folks are bringing back many memories of my Target girl and I sure remember when she was  a pup and she'd lunge for my face!

 So I put a TAG on her collar. This is a short control-lead and they stay on the dog every second the furkid is awake when you are with them!  It depends on how tall the dog is as to how long you make the lead.  As I Remember the one I put on Target was only 'bout 7" long. That gives you something to grab right quick when working with a busy, bouncy pup with teeth like an alligator!

Another aid I used for her was when she went through a phase of BULL RUNS and would get way too excited(overly tired really). Kept a 4 ft slick lead on her all of her wakiing moments in the house. It needs to be Slid-Easy-Slick with NO knot or handle on the end so it won't get stuck anywhere. Then you have something to grab or to stomp your foot on before things get out of hand to calm down the Popcorn! LOL Baling twine works a treat!

Pumba and I are exhausted as the Carpet Cleaners came today., Did that guy READ my directionson how to get out here???NO!!????? So he was lost and late and I am STILL grumpy about it! And we had a thunder storm which made my boy very unhappy. So we are both grumps this evening! Wine for dinner I think! LOL  Sonja & Pumba 




  • LOL Sonja.  Carpet Cleaner came to my house today also!  Only she couldn't get lost.  ME!!! 

    When Willie was younger the way she wanted to love me was to lunge at my face niping, and eat my ears.  Hubby did not like that at all.  He told me that was a form of dominance and to break her of it or I would get bit in the face.  As it turns out, she bites the ears of my other dogs when she was progressing to aggression.  So, needless to say, we have broke her of biting ears, or biting at our face.

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