Welcome to the "Strictly Bull Terriers" Forum. This is a Bull Terrier Forum dedicated to all the true English Bull Terrier enthusiasts around the world.

~ ALL MEMBERS - Please Read! ~

Welcome to the “Strictly Bull Terriers” Forum.  Please be aware of the following rules and regulations regarding usage and membership to this forum. Our goal with this forum is to initiate a place where Bull Terrier enthusiasts can go to share information, gain knowledge, and interact with others in a professional and polite manner. This forum is well monitored and individuals who blatantly disregard the below listed rules and regulations will be terminated from future use on this forum.



      1.   Personal attacks on other forum members will not be tolerated. 

      2.   Deliberate acts of personal bashing or trolling for a fight/dispute are not acceptable.

      3.   Threats to another member will not be tolerated.

      4.   Do NOT post sexually explicit material, nudity, or graphic violence.

      5.   Do NOT use any derogatory comments in reference to race, religion, or ethnicity.

      6.   Control the unnecessary use of vulgarity and profanity.

      7.   Refrain from accusations about another forum member based on rumors or “hear say.”

      8.     Do not initiate posts that only pertain to one or two members when private messaging (PM) can be utilized.

      9.   Do not post one or two word responses with useless comments that have no merit. Examples – Cool. Yeah. Agreed. Me too. I concur.

      10.  Be respectful at all times. Your dislike towards another members view doesn’t require negative feedback by means of slander, disrespect, and criticism.



      1.   Feel free to contact a moderator or administrator about any posts you feel are not in good harmony with the professionalism of this forum.

      2.   Complaints about individual users will be investigated. When warranted, warnings will be sent via private message (PM). Continued complaints and warnings will result in being banned from the forum.



1.     Please contact the administrator for any complaints or disputes involving a moderator.

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