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Born 05-19-2013 Chucho thinks he is the king of the house lol

We work mon-fri 8-5 we get home at 6 bring in chucho from outside cuddle and keep each other company until 9-30 that's mimis time. He sleeps with us =).The thing is that he does not listen. He chews everything and he bites my nose when hes liking me. He pees in the house and roams the house as he pleases. I don't even think he knows his name yet lol. I need help my husband says to speak to him in an aggressive way but I feel bad. He gives me those eyes lol that I get mad at him and then cuddle with him. I know that method is a huge mistake. Do you guys have any tips advice on how to make him understand no or how to teach him not to pee in the house


and how long will these methods take until you see a result? Or when should I start putting these methods into practice?


please help


  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    Congratulations on the new member of the family! Chucho isn't even 10 weeks old so telling him not to pee in the house is like telling a baby not to pee in his diaper. It's going to take some time, training, and patience as it does with any breed of puppy.

    If you both work and get home at 6 it doesn't really provide too much time for training him or housebreaking him. Is he left outside to roam on his own freely without any supervision? A Bull Terrier puppy needs to be supervised until they are almost 1 year old. Their puppy stage is long and during this time they can be destructive and at risk of harming themselves by chewing and swallowing any object they can fit in their mouth. Your puppy is only 10 weeks of age and in need of constant supervision. Taking him in at night when you get home and spending an hour or two with him will take him a while to understand the whole process of going to the bathroom outside when he's not going to want to go outside vice spending time with his owner which he hasn't seen all day.

    I wouldn't even allow him to free roam the house until he's matured. Pretty soon you're going to be mad that he ate your shoes, bit through many electrical cords, and chewed on the bottom corners of your furniture. Even when well supervised a Bull Terrier can manage to get into mischief. At 10 weeks of age he really isn't all that much work. It will become more difficult as time progresses and he starts getting bigger. Some people may be fortunate enough to have house broke their puppy within a couple months but it takes time and you need to be right there when he has an accident to stop him, scold him, and walk him outside so he associates outside as the place to relieve himself. With your schedule, it's going to take some time. I can guarantee that you will not be able to allow him to free roam your house while your away until he is at least a year old without him getting into mischief and even relieving himself on the ground after holding his bladder for 8 hours waiting for you to let him out.
    I recommend you start doing some research on the breed so you know what to expect in the next year while he's maturing. If your Bull Terrier is AKC registered he should have come with an AKC puppy package. In that package you will find some good literature on training your puppy and house breaking him. That's a good place to start for getting some good tips.
    I will say that other puppy owners may have it a little easier than you since puppies are usually purchased at a time where the training can be devoted to by someone that's home to care for them during a important time of development.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    When I was much younger I owned other dog breeds, but even then, I'm sure, they couldn't be left all day without the ability to relieve themselves when they were still puppies, so it can't only be Bull Terriers. Once you begin to house train him and he understands that he shouldn't pee inside it will be worse if he tries to hold it 8 hours and could end up with bladder problems. People pay dog walkers or have neighbors take them out ....You don't mention any exercise time... EBTs need at least an hour of strenuous exercise per day, not walkies time. If not he will ALWAYS run crazy in the house. As Steve says, he should be crated when unsupervised. Sensible admonishment when they misbehave is good but there is little point in getting pissed off with him when he hasn't been taught any better... Even though I know this is easy to happen... bullies take A LOT of devotion and instruction. Also I wouldn't get him into the habit of sleeping with you as he will never want to sleep anywhere else and, unless you are 22 forever, I am sure you will want your sleep... At 15lbs, he is no problem to cuddle, at 65lbs he'll keep you awake all night. Nipping and chewing are Bully signatures and need to be administered and catered for... You will train them out and you will spend lots of money on chew toys, but nothing is overnight. If you are unable, as many people are, to devote 3 to 4 hours a day completely on your Bully, then you might consider changing to a different breed before the kid learns too many bad habits.... I am sure you would prefer me to be frank rather than tell you it's an easy path... I believe Labradors are.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
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    thank you both so much :)
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    Steve has good words and don't think he doesn't think you can care for him he's just looking out for the breed specifically. Like he said you can make it work but YOU the provider has to put in the effort.

    I've sacrificed a lot since I've gotten Spud, i.e. weekend outings, this years annual trips (comic con every year, camping, Vegas) to make this work. The two walks a day followed by dog park visits but I'm driven every day to get Spud the proper care he needs.

    As Steve mentioned you can also have someone provide while you are away. There are a lot of people in my area and through Rover.com who offer the daily walks at an affordable price. And also think about how your young lad would be when you get home and his energy is depleted and he's easier to take care of and train.

    I hope you decide what's best. Don't think we are shooting you down as I said earlier we just want to ensure they have proper care. We are here for you as a resource if needed.
  • I don't even know where to start so let's go from top to bottom. I am a first time owner of an EBT, but before Apollo even walked in the door to his new home, we did massive amounts of research and spoke to our breeder often. (Steve) At 10 weeks of age, puppies of any breed are still learning and exploring. Being set outside all day with minimal exposure to the human kind is going to make it almost impossible to train him. First I would say buy a crate! As Phil stated he should not be sleeping with you at night. Not only because he will get bigger, but you don't know what he can get into (and be hurt) while you are sleeping. Electrical cords, shoe laces, etc. that's not to say he can't lay with you all for a little while. As long as Apollo doesn't hucklebutt before bed he lays with us until we are ready for bed. Then he goes in his crate. That is his den and sanctuary.
    On to his name and training. I've had other breeds before but Apollo has been the easiest AND hardest to train. The learn quickly, but as just as quick to test your patience. I'm my experience, there must be at least 20 to 40 minutes of training a day. I broke mine up into 10 minute sessions and always ended on a high note. First say his name over and over while petting him. When you say it and he looks at you, treat him. (I use small cut up pieces of pup-eroni) You can not, ever, let him get away with bad habits. I agree it is sometimes hard to discipline because they are so stinkin' CUTE, but it must be done. Don't speak aggressive. Deep, firm and commanding sounds better. You have to show him now that YOU are the boss. You are the alpha in the home not him!
    You are never going to get him potty trained if he doesn't spend more time in doors. Get that crate!! :)
    Just like soapskid said, get someone to walk him for you during the day. Do you have a trusted friend or neighbor that would be willing to help you out? Someone that will take him for a walk, or even just let him out to pee and throw the ball around?? Do either of you get get a long enough lunch break to come home? We all have road blocks, you just have to make a detour. Maybe sign up for Saturday puppy training classes. Our road block......leash training! Ugh!!
    Good luck!
  • Them getting to know their name helps during the early stages. One thing is to have treats ready and have him focused on it. Say his/her name and when she looks at you, reward.
  • thank all of you =) and @SOAPSKID I will hold you to your word lol as needed =D

  • Hi! I am new here but very experienced with dog/puppies(fostering for years and my specialty was Momma dogs with a litter!). So, here is my take on this. I know how hard it is when you just LOVE a pup but you also have to make a living so you can keep a roof over your heads and do whatever needs to be done for your Bullykid and you.

    So I offer this after dealing with many a litter of weaned puppies! GET AN EX PEN! They are big, plenty of room for a dog bed or crate too(if you think your pup wants one), LOTs of toys, water and best of all, A Potty Pad! I put down first on the carpet a couple of king comforters, then several smaller blankets, beach towels and other coverings that are easily picked up and exchanged for clean ones. Then a thick layer of newpapers on one side of the Ex Pen, then several Tinkle Pads over the papers. It depends on how busy your boy is as to how many pads you will want to use. But the thick layer of papers underneath will help you with this even though your boy winds up just playing tug with those potty pads. LOL Get LOTS of toys and switch them out every day. I like putting in a frozen knuckle bone and keep a big bag of them in the freezer. I don't know how he will do with puppy teeth(cattle dog pups do fine)so the members of this board can help you with that.

    Another tip. Don't yput out all that money on several cartons of Piddle Pads from Petsmart or something! . Instead go to Walmart or another discount store and pick up some boxes of the bed pads for incontenint people. They are larger and cheaper. Hmm this post keeps picking up repeats of it just below? Don't know what that is about but I'll learn to do better.

    Good luck with your pup and please do read my attached file that I put on somewhere on this forum about TIPS ABOUT TRAINING NEW DOGS & PUPS. I think you will find it helpful and you will smile too!

    All the best, Sonja and Pumba in OR
  • I am not an expert by any means, and of course everyone's opinions are different, but I don't think it's ever ok for a dog to expel in the house. The only exception being puppies 8 weeks and under still with mom. I believe they must be taught to do their business outside and outside only. I also believe every dog should have a crate of some sort. We used an ex pen with our other dogs and it really came in handy, until they were big enough to jump out. Then came the crate, aka- the cave.
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