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pooping blood

what can i do luna is pooping blood.. i dont know why 


  • Hopefully she's just spotting blood. If she isn't high recommend that you take her to see a vet and have her checked. In the event that you see blood in her stool tomorrow I'd still have her checked. She could have eaten something that she shouldn't have, she could have coxitia, she could have an infection, etc. There are many things and without tests you will only be guessing. From time to time any dog could show spots of blood in their stool for unknown reasons and by the time the have another bowl movement it's gone. However, in the event it's consistent then I wouldn't take any chances and have her looked at.

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  • Did she have the runs first?
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  • yeah yesterday not like liquid is was like creamy and it have like blood on it and when i left her in the cage today when i came back from work she have like couple of blood drops in the cage...but shes happy and she looks fine... but she been pooping like little stools.... what can it be?

  • It should be a trip to the vet... I know it's painful to the pocket book, but with blood in the stool you can't be too careful.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • ok i find out why she was pooping blood the day before yesterday i left some papers on the table and they disappeared how? idk!...today when she pooped in the morning i found out why...idk how she did it but she ate them.. and since then shes been pooping ok..
  • but now i have another problem luna gets scared when we go out for walks she was fine,but these couple of days shes been acting weird when we go for walks... i have to be telling her "luna lets go " all the time she even shakes and she puts her tail in between her legs.I thought it was probably because in the street we live in a lot of cars pass by and buses too,but then again she never use to get scared.....what can i do???????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello sweetie glad your bully is well now regarding her being scared the one thing I would say is what ever u do while shes in this state do not pet her or tell her shes a good girl because if u do shell think your rewarding this behavour and this is how to behave apart from that im not sure what else to surgest being acfirst time bully owner of a few weeks but im sure the other lovely people will be able to help u x
  • You have to ignore the behavior, when she is scared stand their and wait it out. Let her work out her issues and recover. The more you allow her to be exposed to the things that worry her the more she will see that nothing bad happened. Also you can take a toy or favorite treat and entice her with it to keep walking and moving forward. Puppies go through fear stages the best thing is not to get mad or impatient or like bigbear said try to love on them when they are nervous, by being a strong leader and encourage them to face up to it, will make improvements. Sometimes in severe cases it's recommended to bring in another confident dog to walk next to them or ahead of them so that the confident dog's vibe helps the youngster learn.
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  • thank you zerlett and big bear...... :D
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