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Need HELP witb my female bullie

My femal has started to pee on her own bed and then sleep in it. She has also once peed on my bed, but after that i kept my bedroom door closed during the day, so that she could not do that again.
She is house trained and i have doors open for her at anytime to do her business. She also has her own bed in the living room and in my room. She has a couch oitside on my patio as well that she ia allowed to sleep on. She makes use of all said sleeping places.
I recently moved and were at the previous house she had a kennel. I just dont have the same space available here for a kennel.
Should i invest in a cage. Would that be beter to give her "her own room" or should i leave it as is.
I also have a jack russel and she sleeps in my bed. I realise there migbt be aome jealousy there, but i do try to give each agood amou t of equal attention.
Any suggestion?
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  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
    I think the entire situation can be summed up in one comment.

    She is stressed from the move and is marking new areas as hers.

    It may just be a temporary behavior. Also, they do like a little place of there own. Ours has 2 crates. In the main living area and in the bedroom. They are her away places, she is in and out of them on her terms, unless it is bed time. At bed time she waits till we make her go lie down.
    I've never had a problem with her doing her business in the house. Mine turns into a limp noodle as a defense mechanism and when stressed.

    Personally, I would get her a collapsible crate. Then when she has totally adjusted to the new place. Phase her out of it and store it for future use.

    She is beautiful girl.
  • Clifhanger6054Clifhanger6054 Western Cape
    Thank you for the info. I have thought about getting her a crate for the living room and bedroom.
    At the old place she also used to pee in her kennel on her bedding as well. So I don't know if that would make a difference though.
    We have been in the new place 2 months now and she only peed her bed once in the room and once in the living room. The 1st time was last month and the 2nd time this month. Could it be that she is just marking it as hers, so that my other doggie doesn't use it?
  • jur45jur45 australia
    I am only going off the top of my head but she may possibly have a UTI urinary tract infection? I can’t say I have experience but boomer is probably correct with the ‘stress’ issue but stress can bring on so many ailments and UTI’s . Bully’s are sulky souls so jealousy etc will affect her immune system etc etc. Personally I would take a urine sample to the vet if it’s possible, to rule out infection first.
    I hope you solve the problem for both of you.
    Yes she is gorgeous.....that face :)
  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
    edited May 24
    I would definitely start with the UTI possibility.

    As far as the wetting her bed. Once she does it, you will never get the smell out of the bed either. It may be necessary to buy new beds and start over. We actually covered our old EBT's bed with plastic and a new cover, only for the new one to literally destroy it in about 30 minutes. My guess was it still smelled of the old one. Pee is a hard smell to eradicate. The older dog had a small bladder issue near the end.

    It might seem like a lot of money being thrown away on new beds, but it will definitely eliminate that possible cause.

    You never mentioned how old she is. Is she still young or is this a developed issue with older age? I would also think about having the vet have a look at her if you have not already. They don't always know what makes them do this. But they can help rule out some more things.

    All the best,
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