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It's been exactly 365 days today

Today marks the day I went and got my Billie. She has added so much joy and love to my life. Never did I imagine the love I could have for her. It amazes me how far she has come and how blessed I am for having this little girl in my life.
Attached are some photos of the day I got her :x
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  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Here's a couple more
    1080 x 2220 - 541K
    1080 x 2220 - 603K
  • Happy Anniversary Tina!
    That's why we love them... lil peanuts :))
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Second that Tina ;)
    Wow what a gorgeous collection of photos
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Hell the rest of my message erased again :s

    Sorry Tina.

    Cannot remember exactly but love all the pics and who’s the little boy with Billie?
    Cannot recall you have two :o

    Keeping spoiling, enjoying and sharing your days together
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Found some pics too!!
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Baby Moose
    3024 x 4032 - 2M
    2316 x 3088 - 1M
    3024 x 4032 - 2M
    3373 x 2788 - 3M
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Baby Memphis
    1080 x 1440 - 164K
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
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    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • Fantastic pictures Girls!
    Scarlett's first day @ 8 weeks.
    640 x 480 - 71K
    640 x 480 - 73K
    640 x 480 - 63K
    640 x 480 - 68K
    480 x 640 - 85K
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Look at those rolls (love handles) and the last pic doesn’t look real.....so perfect Dan ????
    You picked a special girl for a special someone
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Half my message erased again :s
    I wrote more.....

    We’re gonna enjoy going back through those pics for many years to come
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Still half a message :s
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Oh my goodness you guys!! These photos are thee best!! How cute are the pics of Moose/Memphis and Scarlett :x they are all so precious and so loved! I love all the pictures of them and thank you for sharing :)

    The pic of the little man with Billie is my ex's dog. I fell in love with the little boy! He was my first experience with an EBT and he stole my heart! They were so cute together and got along so great! Surprising, he was gentle with Billie , but would leave her alone. When he was too much for Billie, she would let him know to back off- she was such a fiesty little girl, lol.
  • That a girl Billie. I too love all the pics..
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Great that we love to share, more need to jump on board. Maybe we’ve been hypnotised by our loving ebts lol or I’ve just got too much time consumed by them :o

    I bet it was heartache to see the ‘little boy’ and big boy go Tina but then came Billie
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    It was rough in the beginning, but Billie kept me busy
    She's been my saving grace through the breakup and the pandemic. She has been with me since she was 5½ weeks old ( I know I got her a little early and had challenges bc of it. I had to work extra hard with her bc of it, but we made it, woo hoo!) I've had dogs growing up, but never had my own to take care of. I knew nothing about the breed until my ex got the little man. I did a ton of research about the breed after and thought I was s**t out of luck bc I've never trained a dog before. I buckled up for the ride and never looked back. I worked with Billie from day 1 and the first few months were rough, but we kept going. Lots of patience, repetition, consistency, and love.
    She has come a LONG way from when she was crazy little puppy, lol. EBT's are the best in my opinion and I may be biased, but its my truth:) I wouldn't have any other breed after having her :x
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Sorry I haven’t replied sooner Tina but I tried and it deleted on me.
    What a special person you are o:)
    I too grew up with parents of cocker spaniel breeders and loved having puppies around me growing up. I then grew up had my children plus two cats but never incorporated dogs until now.
    It was because my eldest daughter brought home Moose thinking she would have the time and dedication for him - oh how wrong she was and how wrong I was in trusting her with this responsibility :/
    However I took on the load fell in love and with all the hurdles wanted one of my own and then came Memphis. It nearly cost me a divorce lol so much drama but I am dedicated and will pour my love into them both. I new nothing about the breed except ‘scary’ thoughts and apprehensive concerns prior because of my family. It is always going to be a big responsibility as one son is scared of him and vice versus (Moose) but he just isn’t a dog person. I can’t force it but be vigilant and understand I need to also think of myself as I cannot please all and dedicate all decisions for them, otherwise I would have no life. Kids are draining lol
    I have a long road in training them right, behaving etc.
    just this morning on my walk my son called me (looking for clothes) it took this one call to get distracted with my boys and Moose approached a dog walking on leash. He wasn’t friendly growled and I was sooooo embarrassed and mad at Moose for doing this. It is not his normal character and I understand they won’t like all dogs but I was at fault for not being in charge/control. We had a great time prior but how mad I was walking home with him. :)" alt=">:)" height="20" />

    Challenging times and loving times to come Tina
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Awwwe, thank you so much for your sweet compliment and sharing your story about yourself. You are an amazing and busy woman taking care of your kids and the boys! I can tell you love and provide Moose and Memphis with every ounce of your soul! I can't imagine what you had to go through with your partner to get Memphis, but hopefully your partner fell in love with him too . I'm happy that you got Memphis for you. You're happiness and wants are just as important as everyone else in your family. I giggled when I read the last couple sentences in your message bc I've done that too. I'm sure Moose knew you were upset with him and he probably tried to make up with you when you guys got home. They are such emotional and sensitive souls. I can't stay mad at Billie for too long as she just sulks in remorse with puppy dog eyes.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Oh I was grumpy Tina, I had a migraine too and I was annoyed at myself for answering the phone :s I just want to see that dog walker again and explain and apologise for that awful encounter. I get that dogs won’t like all dogs, that’s fine but I have to be close at hand and control ...... so disappointed on my behalf as people talk ‘there’s a nasty bully’ on the beach :#
    This arvo they got triggered by several scooters on the board walk making a heck of a noise and they decided ‘let’s investigate’
    :o panic set in as I could forsee them escaping up the steps onto the board walk chasing children......thank god they did stop and I grabbed them, yelling once again....what a day....hence it was a short walk! Glad to get home as it was a chilly day in Melbourne. Hope Billie is behaving and making you laugh ;)

    Hey I didn’t mention that Memphis was a SURPRISE ;) birthday present to myself that didn’t go well but has settled down immensely ????????✅

    Pic of little Moose
    902 x 1792 - 223K
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Even better that he was a birthday gift to yourself and the "surprise" was for everyone else ! Billie does NOT skate boards or scooters either (anything that makes loud noise) I always give her the heads up to be "calm and to be nice-nice", for the most part she stays cool, but there have been times where she reacts bad. I just have to remember she's still learning and I just need to be consistent and follow through with her. She's smart girl who is still experiencing new things and learning, but she gets in trouble everyday, lol.
    I love the pic of little Memphis- so curious to see what's on the counter :x
    Oh and Billie was a b-day present to myself too
  • jur45jur45 australia
    We think the same ha ha
    Oh that was cheeky little moose... haven’t taken a recent pic of him scanning the bench top lol
    And my boys chase the tractor on the beach too....can’t risk this one they need the lead!
    There will always be new surprises regarding sounds vehicles etc which you just have to wing it and hope you have strength on the lead. I’m only small and sometimes I just ????????that I can handle the unexpected.
    We had no encounters this morning., all sweet :)
    Such wild cold weather here....it was so easy to stay in bed and chill but no can do....kept my routine :p
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    So sorry, I dont know how I misread that to be Memphis! Sounds like you guys still had a good day in the midst of it being cold :)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Easy to do Tina :p
    My two white light bulbs :D
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Lazy Saturday night with my Billie girl
    2418 x 3998 - 3M
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Nice n cosy girls ;) and you rock gorgeous feet too Tina! My feet are like Moose’ orange and rough from the beach wear and tare lol :s my boys are snug n warm, we ditched the arvo walk to relax also :p
    My boys love pinching sticks from this pile of junk and those butts are to die for :D
    640 x 1136 - 1M
    640 x 1136 - 2M
    640 x 1136 - 1M
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Snack time lol
    3024 x 4032 - 2M
    2179 x 3871 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Thank you! Those are some fantastic pics of Moose and Memphis! Im sure they go running into the kitchen when it's snack time!
    They are cutting butts :)
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    My happy girl :)
    4032 x 3024 - 6M
    1890 x 1829 - 1M
    2170 x 1601 - 672K
    4032 x 3024 - 3M
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Awwww Tina....she rocks a wardrobe of her own I can see. Gee she looks happy and spoilt to bits. She’s immaculate with skin, nails and coat o:) Do you clip her nails?
    My boys are rough around the edges in comparison but they are boys soon to be men lol ????
    Keep posting love the pics
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Awwe thank you Sarah and Dan!
    I don't clip her nails bc she fights me on it and it causes her too much stress, but I do file her nails down twice a week so they are short. I've been told by others that she's really well behaved and calm. She has her moments where she's wild, haha
  • jur45jur45 australia
    My dads staffs hates her nails clipped but when he’s not there she’s an Angel for her groomer lol
    Your such a good owner filing them twice weekly Tina :)
    My boys are so used to their feet clipping etc for me thank god....wouldn’t have the time to the groomer ;)
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Thank you Sarah! I've taken her to the groomers a handful of times for her nails, but its just too much of a hassle to go so often, so I just file it for her. She gives off a big sigh everytime it's time for her nails to be filed. She cracks me up! You are lucky Moose and Memphis are good about it, it makes it so much easier! :)
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    My little cuddle bug :x
    1078 x 1438 - 356K
    2448 x 3264 - 1M
    4032 x 3024 - 3M
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Wow Tina
    You both are so beautiful fresh clean like you both just came back from the beauty parlour ;)
    I’m not rocking that fresh young glow lol too many years gone by but my boys can absorb all the attention now.
    Hey my boys have had a small skin irritation in the centre between the ears, round but still has hair but is persistent. Any ideas? I thought ringworm but the colloidal silver should’ve helped this but I will apply more frequently to see if this helps. I’ve read on this site that they have a sweat gland in that spot and thought nothing of it, just another skin reaction that’ll go away but it’s bothering me a little now.
    I thought maybe too many kisses and a reaction to my lippy :p but I thought I’d ask you if you’ve experienced this. It doesn’t bother them at all just me.
    Enjoys those smoochy moments. Moose is under the doonah and Memphis on top....I will awake to kisses and stretches and morning talk very soon
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Awwe thank you Sarah!
    I hope the boys gave you a bunch of goodmorning kisses and cuddles :)
    Billie hasn't had any skin irritation/rash in that area, so I have no experience with that. Hopefully the medication will help it heal quickly.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Yes me too Tina!
    Here’s how the morning went :D
    640 x 1136 - 2M
    640 x 1136 - 2M
    640 x 1136 - 2M
    640 x 1136 - 1M
    640 x 1136 - 1M
    640 x 1136 - 1M
    640 x 1136 - 1M
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Such awesome pics of the boys playing at the beach! And I love how happy and excited Memphis is rolling around in the sand :) Great photos Sarah :x
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Thanks Tina
    I did get ‘goo ga ga’ with the boys lol so much of me talking to them :p we had the beach to ourselves so no one could hear the silly dog gal ;) wonderful day!
    I hope you and Billy are loving it up.
    It’s such a chilly night here so big cuddle time with me boys
  • Hi Sarah, I was listening to you from hear in New York... :))
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Lol, that's funny Dan! That's awesome you guys had the beach to yourselves! I talk to Billie all the time and I know people think I'm crazy, but it's ok, just as long as she understands and responds, lol.
    I hope everyone is having a great day :)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    That’s right...no harm in talking but it’s the repetition of Moose - Memphis in my sing song voice and I’m sure Memphis thinks his name is Moose too as I get them even more mixed up lol. Combination of old age guys and poor vision :/

    The other morning I can hear distant ‘Memphis’ in the wind thought nothing of it as there was a school load of kids....and soon after surfaces a lovely elderly couple I see regularly, with their little dachshund X who loves my boys.... who would’ve guessed. And he doesn’t like many dogs :p They pick their buddies on their terms hey.

    Nice one Dan ;)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Hey Tina
    How are you and Billie doing?
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Hi Sarah!
    All is good over here except Billie has a flare up on the bottom of her front paw. I've been rotating her treatments with diluted apple cider vinegar and medicated solution. I hope it clears up soon. How are you, Moose and Memphis?
  • jur45jur45 australia
    That’s a annoying Tina but I’m sure it’ll settle with your love and attention and expertise in this area lol That’s what time gives us in the end.....more wisdom with our EBT’s

    We’re doing fine Tina. I still have those spots on top of their heads which doesn’t get worse but doesn’t get better either.....annoying :)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> :s The boys are the same have energy and look good otherwise.
    I mentioned before that the rusting between Moose’ paw is still present, better than past months but stubborn to eradicate, the infected paw is 95% better but something in his diet/environment triggers it. I can live with this as long as he is happy, exercising, gaining weight/looking healthy. I haven’t had another spasm and haven’t taken him to the vet either. I feel guilty but not confident with any outcomes just my $$ going :(
    I will need to go to cancel his July desexing appt. so I’m stretching out the visit as I cannot really afford it either.

    It’s wild and so windy today, raining and tomorrow doesn’t look any bettet :| the sand on the beach looked like a desert, blowing in the wind.
    Wish me luck getting Moose out the door tomorrow....Memphis is easy.

    Wishing Billie a speedy foot recovery and stay safe Tina :)

    Pics of Moose doing the watchdog thing ;)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    The emojis don’t always work lol
    3024 x 4032 - 3M
    3024 x 4032 - 3M
    3024 x 4032 - 3M
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Thanks Sarah, I hope it clears up soon too! Last time this happened, I took her to the vet and they gave her cytopoint and that was expensive and didn't really do anything. Im giving her benadryl to curb the itch, so she doesn't lick it and make it worse and treating it with acv and her other topical solution.
    Those are great pics of Moose!! They love to see what's going on! Im glad to hear he's getting better!
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