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Settling my puppy at night.

Hi! I'm new to the forum and have had my EBT puppy for a few days. She's lovely and has settled into our home exceptionally well. The big problem is night time. She'll settle well in her crate for the first couple of hours but will scream for the rest of the night. I've been taking her out to the toilet and she wees or poos, but won't settle. I'm torn between conflicting advice to let her cry or to do what I'm doing. She has a blanket with her litter mates smell on it, and tonight I'm going to leave her with a piece of my clothing and a radio on low. Any help and advice would be great!


  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
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    Welcome to the forum.

    We always put a small radio on the kennel when we were away. But not during the night. Honestly, they have a small window that they can hold the bladder at a young age. But there is a draw back. Once she gets in a routine of getting up all the time. It will continue, even after she can hold her bladder. It's a catch 22. My suggestion is to let her out and straight back into the kennel. No play time, it is sleep time. You will find that she will fight you on this for about 2 weeks. Just like a human baby would. After that, it should be smooth sailing. The radio will help, but most likely will either keep you up or not change much as far as crying. If I had to suggest anything else, I would say cover the kennel with a blanket and keep the room dark. No night lights of any kind. We only leave the door opening uncovered, the rest is draped with a blanket. Hope this helps. Enjoy your pup, they grow way too fast.
  • Thank you so much. Sleep deprivation is no fun! I spoke with my vet today who said a bit of tough love may be required! She's such a beautiful little thing, and it's many years since I last had a puppy because our other two dogs are both rescues. We just want to do the best for Holly and be good parents.
  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
    Getting her into a good sleep habit is the best thing you can do. The puppy dog eyes are very hard to discipline. But it is the only way to be the best parent you can be. Good thing is, they grow fast and learn even faster. :)
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Welcome! And those puppy dog eyes are so hard not to give in, but stay strong. You will amazed how smart and fast Holly will pick up on things. Crate training was NOT fun, but with patience and ear plugs, she will be more comfortable in her crate :)
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