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Hello everyone
Just my boys Moose n Memphis doing what they love ;)
It’s getting harder to tell them apart lol
4032 x 3024 - 2M
4032 x 3024 - 3M
4032 x 3024 - 3M
640 x 1136 - 1M
640 x 1136 - 1M


  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Those are great pics of your boys! It's so awesome that they get along so well :) I wish Billie had a sibling as she is such a sweet and loving girl. She'll most likely get a brother or sister later, but until then, I take her to the park and walks where she plays with her friends and kids :)
    It's funny that people know her name and not mine, lol.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    That is the case with dogs, I too struggle to remember names lol
    I’m happy Billie gets a lot of one on one with you Tina. I’m always struggling which of my boys get the last kiss n snuggle from me as they are equally loved and you just don’t want to stop giving
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    I'm guilty of not remembering peoples names either, but I remember all of Billie's friends names, lol
    I'm sure Moose and Memphis knows you love them equally to pieces!
    It makes me so happy when people give compliments to my Billie and give her love/attention, lol.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Hey Tina I thought I wrote more in my previous msg about a grumpy dog walker I encountered this morning... must’ve deleted it or something. What a ignorant man. Telling me my dogs were pack hunters and put them on a leash, blah blah blah ????
    I was not happy. Outright racist to this breed.
    We did finish our walk with happy times and playful friends however :)
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    I would of been bugged by his comment too! There's a lot of ignorant people out there! My mailman made a comment to me a while back saying he was scared of her and I need to be careful. Oh it pissed me off cos I'm super careful with her around others and have her close by my side when we're out. I'm slowly working up the courage to have her off leash, so baby steps for me, lol. Im glad you and the boys brushed it off and had fun and had a good morning walk :)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Thanks Tina, my words are yours exactly :p
    Boys are waiting for their second walk, it’ll be my third just taking a quick break then I’m off again. Fingers crossed it’ll be a good one for us all :)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Snacking on a bone before I leave :p
    4032 x 3024 - 4M
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