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Memphis n Moose play

Here are some more pics of my growing boys :p
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  • jur45jur45 australia
    Thanks Dan, yes we’ve had great weather. How’s Scarlett been? Cheeky ;)
  • She's a great kid. She has a lil diaper rash, so we're going to the Vet tomorrow, I'll follow up with her visit when we get home. :D
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Hope she feels better :)
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  • Update on my Scarlett, She has a bacterial infection. Vet gave us wipes & I gave my Credit Card! The Vet said, it's a common thing with females her age. $-)
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Are they special dog wipes you have to buy Dan? Yes the vet does add up. I recently discovered that I can buy all vet pharmaceuticals/medicines etc for half the price online or less!!!! I checked with what I paid from the vet and was astounded at the difference. All I needed was a prescription from the vet to place the order online. Vets aren’t gonna be happy but who can afford their markup. Idk if you have the same service/option in the states but it was AU for me. I however am not rushing back to the vet for medicines that don’t fix the problem, only short term and not in the interest of really helping Moose either. I finally found a nutritional homeopath so to speak vet in AU that has given me more helpful advice in a week than all the visits I made to the vet in the past year and it’s natural and safe remedies/supplements too.
    Hoping Scarletts rash goes away soon and your both still having a heap of fun together ;) :)
  • Da*n Vets.... Poor Moose =((
    The Vet gives me-
    for $23.00 usd. I could have ordered (2) for that price on line!
    Now I'm contemplating having Scarlett spayed. I try to read all I can about the pros & cons for the procedure. Most of what I read is leaning towards having it done. HEALTH reasons.
    The water the kids were playing in, is it fresh or salt?
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Hi Dan it’s salt water. Just got back from a swim and play with a 4mth bully pup but my boys were randy as......so hard for me to control...it wasn’t pleasant for me. They are intact and I’m holding off as long as possible but when they get excited it’s hard to switch them off but then came along a blue heeled yeah. Unfortunately Moose had a spasm which he hasn’t had over a week. I thought we were over this as I’m not using any medicated shampoo or meds. I’m baffled now maybe it’s the MSM or CS?? Dunno it’s said to see him go through this again.
    Glad you found online meds if ever needing them.
    Enjoy Scarlett, my boys are sleeping now :)
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