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Hello again
Thought I’d post a new discussion but hello to all that have shared pics etc
Moose has issues as you probably read.
I am supposed to do daily washes with malaseb as advised from the vet, please look at pics as I think it is too harsh...they look stripped and irritated. Idk I’m waiting for the vet to view pics and advise perhaps washing alternate days instead. I received my bag balm today and have applied. Hoping this soothes those poor feet.
He is back to raw lamb only as advised again by the vet gained 1 kg in a week which is plus, much happier and has more energy but not at peak. I still think the lamb irritates him (gurgling gut) and he was on this before and we still had foot issues etc. I cannot get nuvet here.
Any opinions on his feet appreciated.
Thankyou in advance
Memphis is the opposite to Moose looks well eats a lot of raw and just normal for 7months
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  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    His paws still looks inflamed and raw. Has it gotten better since the daily washes the vet prescribed or is it getting worse?
    He looks so happy in the pic- very cute!!
  • jur45jur45 australia
    This is his feet after a week of washes
    I don’t like the look, it looks raw but these dogs don’t complain. He still can run ok but footpath walks don’t turn him on lol but I think it’s a bit of stubbornness...it’s too boring. I will call the vet again as they haven’t given me their opinion.
    Thankyou for replying Tina
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Vet updated just staining from Malaseb apparently so I’m continuing daily.
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  • jur45jur45 australia
    Yeah Dan but I hope to bring him to full health with a lot of challenges and effort and love on my part....couldn’t give anything less for my Moose. Memphis is just so easy, social with humans and dogs, eats well and lovely nature. Don’t get me wrong but Moose is cautious with humans but loves dogs and brings me all his challenging health concerns but gives so much love and loyalty ☺️
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  • Isn't great how we (BULLIES & OWNERS) just connect. I love my lil girl more every day.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    That’s just so nice to hear and read!
    I love connecting on this forum, well done Steve????
    This video thing is bugging me
    I thought Steve popped up a Help/advice discussion on this but idk where it was filed.
    Just gotta show my pups trying to catch a cocky, god help me if they did :-SS
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    @jur45 I love your new profile pic of Moose and Memphis!
    So glad to hear it's just staining. I understand how you feel dealing with allergies/challenges...we want the best for our babies and will do everything and anything we can to help alleviate/treat and love them through it.
    As far as videos, I too wasn't able to upload videos directly onto the forum, so I uploaded it onto YouTube first and then copied and pasted the link in the comment box and it worked :)

    @DansScarlett, I didn't know I could love a dog so much. The connection grows everyday and the happiness and love she brings into my heart is beyond what I expected. I tell her I love her and shower her with hugs and kisses so many times a day, lol.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    You too Tina!
    I’ll look into you tube as I don’t use it as such
    Those bully butts are a gorgeous site ;)

    I’m encased in bully
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  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    They are too cute! They probably do zoomies together too!
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Oh gee
    Half my post got erased sorry, gotta remember now :s

    Checkout Moose’ new travelling position :D
    He is so buggered after his run and remember he’s still regaining his health due to his diet change, I worry sometimes if it’s too much but he wants to give all on a chase of birds and play with dogs. It takes a bit to get him out the car lol....he’s so not wanting to move.
    I’ve purchased a mushroom immune supplement to hopefully do what your nuvet would do as he still needs a lot of help
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Moose is such a trooper through it all- what a good boy :) I'm obsessed with bull terriers (like everyone else on this forum, lol) !
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    I hope the mushroom supplements help him!
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Thankyou and good morning from Australia :)
  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
    Billie, Once you go EBT, you never go back. lol
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Soooo true Boomer

    A bit of a challenge on today’s park visit.
    Moose is showing dominance/aggression towards intact males pups. Understood at 14months BUT my thinking is pounce on it early, take him out the gate (timeout so to speak) and reintroduce until he adheres to accepted play or walk away but that’s not always possible. I don’t want Memphis to miss out on pup play so I don’t want to punish him by leaving. Moose can wait patiently and join again. What do you think?
    Was looking into muzzles but that would be a shame as it is seldom(for now) and only a few certain dogs. Just don’t want trouble escalating.
    A tad concerned but better aware than turning a blind eye ;)
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  • VickiePVickieP Independence MO
    Hi my name is Vickie and I am new to this forum. I would like to share the experience that we had with our mini bull terrier rescue she had terrible feet and would constantly lick her paws so bad that they would ooz and she would be unable to walk on them properly we spent lots of time at the vet and a specialist and no one could figure out anything they just kept giving her antibiotics until one of the veterinarian assistant said try this try Epson salt soak for 10 minutes every other night then on the other night do a bleach water soak for 10 minutes they also prescribed I’m gonna spell it because I don’t know how to say it it’s MUPIROCIN ointment 2% which we put on her feet every night. When we were unable to keep an eye on her constantly or when she was having a rough evening and couldn’t stop licking her paws we would use a soft blow up cone to help her not be able to get them.Within a few months a problem that we have been fighting for years was resolved and she was able to run and play as God intended her to. Hope this is helpful. If you would like the bleach sosk mix ratio please let me know.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    Thankyou for your advice Vicki.
    I’m currently doing the colloidal silver topically and the infection is going but he still limps. He is allergic to steroids so the ointment you mentioned wouldn’t suit him.
    I have more concerns with his spasms aura stage which presents itself on and off. But this only ever occurred when on medication. I don’t know if the CS is the issue here. He has been a worry since he was about 3months and is ongoing but there are signs of improvement but it’s not over.
    Thankyou again and I’m glad you had success. Sarah
  • VickiePVickieP Independence MO
    Nice to meet you Sarah. I hope he continues to improve. I know how helpless it feels to have a fur baby not feeling well.
  • jur45jur45 australia
    You too Vicki, this is a great forum to meet, exchange experiences and so forth.
    Yes love my boys but I t’s challenging regarding health concerns. Memphis is no problem. Moose is super special
    One moment you think yep we’re on a winner then a big slap in ya face and the concerns are back :s never had such challenges with my kids, just other normal parental pull your hair out issues :# ;)
    Have to upload my pic on the other post in case you didn’t see my precious ones
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