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Aggressive behaviour

Hi guys! Need some advice with my pup, she’s nearly 7 months old and the last two weeks become very odd.. she’s usually is a loving pup always wanting cuddles and to play however she now has this weird thing with peoples feet. Not all the time but a couple times a day now! I’ll be walking around the house and she’ll randomly growl, her ears will go down and she will go for my feet, she’s not actually hurt me but I don’t want her to hurt me or anyone in the house as she’s now doing it to everyone. Also when she sits with us she’ll be fine having a stroke then all of a sudden do the same thing growl and go for our hands. She isn’t massive at the moment but the noice is still a little scary, I’m not scared of her but i don’t want her doing this to the kids. I don’t like the pinning down as I would rather her know not to do it then be scared of me. Has anyone else had this issue and the dogs perfectly fine now? What tips and tricks have you got? She’s also on her first season could this be to do with it? Picture of the little devil
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