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Dog Weight Prediction


I just recently weighed my 17 weeks old puppy for worming, his weight is 14.4 kg ( 31.7 lbs ) to me he seems solid and heavy to lift. I was wondering what weight he would reach when he is fully grown so used the online "Thegoodypet" weight prediction tool and was surprised that it said my pup was underweight. :-S

Has anyone else used this tool, and did they find it accurate?


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  • WOW, I just did the test, & it says my girl should be almost 27 lb. . They suggest that She also is under weight.
  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
    I think a lot of predicting is not good with EBT's. They will end up between 35lbs and 75lbs. Most often right in the middle. With Females being a bit smaller than the Males. The prdictions never add up for me. My Girl McKenzie was 12lbs at 11 weeks and is now 60lbs at 2 1/2 years. My last one Murphy, she was 8lbs at 8 weeks and topped out at 50lbs at 3 years. It's all in the genes. What size were the parents? So on and so forth. But I would give little credibility for a predictor to work well. The blood line is a better, more effective means.

    Cute and filled out pup you got there.
  • @that1Boomer that's a massive difference, some EBT's being double the weight. The predictions certainly don't add up . The sire is a big dude, wife joked that he looked like a horse. At the moment I'm feeding free range complete raw food 1/3 bone 1/3 meat and 1/3 veg, plus raw chicken wings and necks, goats milk. The pup is eating between 6 & 8% of his body weight. Since I got him, he has been putting on over 1kg bodyweight per week , it seems a lot. He was one of two left from the litter when we picked him, I thought he was the runt :smile:

    You mention that the bloodline can be a good indicator, I'm following advice to feed between 6 & 8% of puppy's bodyweight then tapper down to 2% at 12 months age. I wonder what my pup would look like if I followed feeding advice from manufactured dry complete food.
  • that1Boomerthat1Boomer Middletown, PA
    A puppy will benefit from a good diet even more than an adult. For the obvious reason, they are growing. Feeding a good diet will ensure a healthy and happy life. Don't get me wrong, I personally believe a puppy on a good diet will grow up to be a great adult. Some encourage weight gain and energy recipe's. Which ever you chose, it is most important to add a product like NuVet. Please look it up and read about the benefits.

    Move often, each EBT is different in what it likes to eat. McKenzie is by far the most picky eater I have ever raised. There are only a few choices we have for her, or else she just won't eat. So find the food your pup likes. They will let you know when they are tired of it. :)

    Many on here are the true professionals. I am sure someone else will give some great advice. For now, go run and play with you puppy. A tired puppy is the better behaved puppy. That's a FACT! Professional or not.
  • @that1Boomer thanks, will Google the NuVet. Totally agree with the tired pup, he's in a good pattern of eat, play, walk and sleep. His cue to me getting him out for a walk is when he springs into play mode and starts chewing the furniture :) though sometimes he will drag his back legs when taken outside of our front door, but he soon gets going :smiley:
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    If you want a good idea of the weight at maturity you're better off taking a good look at the parents. Genetics play a key role.

    NuVet info - https://bulliesofnc.com/online-store/supplements-vitamins/

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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