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I'm Back with a Rescue

SeonSeon Lake Camanche, CA
Well it's been a while since I visited so today I'm back.
My wife and picked up a rescue today some 3 hrs away. I fell in love with his picture that was posted on craigslist and showed my wife who said, "Lets drive down and see him". She didn't twist my arm and off we went at 8 am.

The owner was diagnosed with cancer and needed to start chemo immediately so the pup was given to a rescue organization.

The pup 10 months old pup's name is Gunner and mello as can be. I'll post more info about hi in the following week(s). I'll schedule a Vet appointment on Monday but what I can see, he's in perfect health.

Here's a picture of him in the dog run saying "Hi" to our little Pom.

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