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First cycle and what to expect

Hi everyone,
Billie just started her heat cycle at 8 ½ months old.... This is my 1st time dealing with it and had a few questions...she bleed a lot the 1st night and dripped a little the next day, but now the bleeding has stopped completely. Is this normal for her 1st heat cycle? I've been checking her throughout the day, but there is no blood or discharge and she seems a more tired and down -my poor girl :(
I'm assuming the bleeding will start again? I'm concerned that something is wrong...should I be worried?? I've read that the first couple heat cycles are irregular, but like said, I don't have any experience, so any any feedback would be much appreciated:)
Thank you!
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  • Ariana1018Ariana1018 Las Vegas, NV
    She’s a beautiful girl! I love her jammies???? I’m no expert but my girl also just had her first heat cycle a few months ago. She was pretty tired and down the first day or two also. She dripped for about a week, maybe longer, but cleaned herself up for the most part. I made sure to get her a warm bath and clean the area with a washcloth. It definitely seemed to ease her a bit. As far as bleeding goes since it’s her first cycle maybe it’s just very light or the hormones haven’t completely shifted yet. Maybe ask your vet about it? But I’m sure you’ll get some more answers here as well!
  • Thank you Ariana1018 :) Billie started bleeding again and she's in her "Big Girl" panties, lol. I put a top on her as it seems to distract her from taking her off her underwear, lol. Her surgical suit should be coming in the mail today :)
    BTW, your bull terriers are soooo cute!! I love your profile pic! Adorable!! Thank you again :)
  • Billie_TinaBillie_Tina California
    Update: Billie is FINALLY done with her heat cycle. I ended up taking her to her vet bc she was bleeding for over 3 weeks and I was really worried. Her visit went great and her vet said, bc it was her first heat cycle, is what caused her to bleed a little longer than the normal time frame. Billie is almost 9 ½ months old and weighs 52 lbs. Vet gave her a clean bill of health!
    I was relieved to hear she is healthy and ok :)
    She has been such a trooper through it all!
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  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    That's good news!

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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