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Skin Issues

Hello all, I have read many of the posts here about skin issues. I also have a white female about 6 years old and she has started biting and chewing her paws up until they bleed. She is on grain free 6 Fish Orijen food and I give her the Nu-Vet supplement (1 Losenge) that is recommended here. However this has not seemed to help her condition. I am kind of at a loss? Not sure if its an allergy to grass or what? I have tried AndD ointment on the paws, homeopathic trammel, apple cider vinegar. Nothing has seemed to fix this issue. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I have tried to attach a photo. I also have a video if that would help but I could not upload it.
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  • I also have a white EBT and she gets those irritations/rashes where she would also bite and chew those areas. Mine is allergic to grass ( and wet grass is worse). If she rolls around or lays in grass, her tummy will break out into a horrendous rash. I keep her on the sidewalk unless she needs to use the bathroom. I found that wiping her paws and feet ( or rinsing them off in the tub) after each bathroom outing helps wash the irritants away. I also increased her Nuvet tablet from 1 wafer to 1½ wafers ( for the past 3 weeks) and found that to help (I'll keep her on 1½ wafer for 1 more week and go back to her regular dosage of 1 wafer). I also treat those areas when flare ups occur with a medicated spray. I spray the medicated solution into a cotton round and then wipe the area- making sure she doesn't lick the area until it's dry. I also use a skin balm like skin soother or bag balm at night, before we go to sleep. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I also incorporate Grizzly's wild salmon oil into her diet.
    I've struggled to find solutions
    to get a handle on her skin allergies and everything mentioned above are helping her allergies and skin issues. I hope this helps your girl :)
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  • I posted the same pic, here's a description of the medicated spray
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  • I do epsom salt soaks during the summer. Chlorhexidine rinsed for paws. And I've started giving bee pollen to help with allergies internally. :)
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