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Trifexis killing my dog?

Hello everyone

So my buddy bam is turning 2 next month and has never had any issues what so ever. He ran out of Heartworm / flea medication (TRIFEXIS) so I went to his vet and got another 6 month supply. We’ve been giving him trifexis since we got him (5 months) and have never had a problem. So we got the medicine Sunday and gave it to him Sunday afternoon and all was good we woke up Monday morning and I took him outside to use the restroom and came back inside. I’m in the room getting ready for work and my mother in law asks me what’s wrong with bam? I go and check on him and he’s sitting in the kitchen by the refrigerator shaking like crazy, panting like he just ran 50 miles and slobbering at the mouth. He has NEVER acted like this or close to it so right away I know something is not right. I checked to see if he got bit by an animal or if maybe he ate something bad outside but no I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. So I figured maybe he was just really excited and I left to work, I couldn’t concentrate at work just thinking about him so I left early and when I got home he was a complete different dog full of energy and was back to normal. So I thought everything was good and we he went to sleep with my wife and I in bed that night. He wakes us up this morning at 5 am once again breathing VERY heavy slobbering and shaking/shivering like crazy specially his back legs so I took him outside and he was still the same. I left again for work and called his vet and asked if they thought he was having a bad reaction or side effect to Trifexis and the receptionist said she didn’t think so since he wasn’t throwing up or having diarrhea. So I hung up and started doing my own research on trifexis and what I found was terrifying!!! The side effects are EXACTLY what my bam has but they don’t say those side effects on the back of the trifexis box... it says it can even lead to death. That’s when I lost it and called the vet back and demanded an appointment since they were booked and took bam. He’s at the vet right now and I just spoke with her and she said nothing showed up on his blood work it looks perfect and nothing seems out of the ordinary which is confusing. I know another member on here had a similar situation. Has anyone else gone through this??
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  • The vet was gone but I was able to speak with one of the vet techs and I showed her the articles online about the side effects of trifexis and she told me not to believe what it says on the internet and I told her it’s hard not to when every symptom is what my dog is having... so they sent us home with trazodone which is to treat anxiety disorder. He was asleep with my wife and I while we watched tv just now and woke up out of nowhere and started having one of his trembling/heavy breathing and slobbering attacks so I took him out for a walk which helped a bit but not it seems he’s better but doesn’t want to come out of his kennel and seems really tired/sluggish. Again he’s never been like this before his kennel is open, the cat is in the living room and his elk antler is on the floor and none of those things get his attention.
  • I would be worried and scared too. Something is definitely not right. I wonder if it could be something else besides the Triflexis (only because he's been on the medication before and hasnt had a reaction to it in the past). Im sure you have already checked,, but is the dosage on this new supply correct for his weight?Gosh, I wish I had some answers for you. My girl is on Simparica trio, so I have no knowledge of Triflexis. I really do hope he feels better soon and you get substantial answers from his vet or here on this forum
    I'm sorry you guys are going through this :(
    Please keep us updated and sending out my best wishes for Bam
  • Honestly I don't think Triflexis is a cause because he he's been on that medication before and has not had reaction in the past. Unless you changed the dosage. Also he did not vomit or had diarrhea. He recovered and felt sick again which is not typical for poisoning unless he got another dose that made him sick again. I would check the house for any sort of spilled chemicals or open containers as dogs can get poisoned by inhaling chemicals( no diarrhea or vomiting in this case). Maybe you exterminate your house recently? Some types of cockroach poison can be extremely toxic for dogs. Or got new household cleaners you did not use before?
    I would not rule out panic attack/anxiety or light seizures.
    I hope he feels better soon. Best wishes!
  • Thank you guys I really appreciate your response any advice at this point helps a bunch. @Billie_Tina yea I made sure the trifexis I was giving him before is the same exact one I’m giving him now I checked each and every pill to make sure they’re all the same and they are :/.

    @brooklyn that’s what I want to think it’s just crazy because before he was perfect I mean perfect and the morning after I gave it to him he was a complete different dog. That same morning I was on my knees and elbows crawling around the whole house looking for something I even went outside with him and followed him to see if he led me to something but nothing. So I had my what if’s about the trifexis, I google the side effects and My jaw dropped to the floor every side effect as far as tremors/twitching, salivation/drooling and really weak/disoriented is what he had. Another thing that concerns me is that a lady on one of the articles said her dog started off not too bad and eventually it got worst until her dog passed away Thats sort of whats happening with bam the fist day it was only in the morning, the second day it was morning, night and midnight I’m hopping it doesn’t get worst. I’m just dumbfounded how the blood work is perfect to where they didn’t even see a reason as to do an X-ray and the doctor even told us he was very hyper and energetic to the point where she probably thought we were crazy.
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