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Puppy teeth and jaw movement

Just wanted to show everybody to definitely get 2nd opinions from other vets/ people who know the breed on bull terrier puppy teeth and vets saying there is a problem with the bite or placement of puppy k9s and how much genetics have a massive play in this development here is photos of my 5 month old bt willow and how much her jaw has moved and grown into place in the last 2 months after vets trying to give us a bill of £400 to remove the puppy teeth! Our breeder who is excellent and we keep in contact with regularly told us not to bother her as the pup they kept was the exact same and this will move over time and i took there advice as they are an excellent reputable breeder and have dealt with bull terriers for 30+ years as you can see the bottom k9s behind the top k9s and the vets raised this for concern and did panic me but once speaking to my breeder about this probelm i realised how little most vets know about this simply special and amazing breed the sire of our pup was a champion and the dam was a show dog finishing highly in all events she participated in and we seen evidence of this and met both dogs before we got out puppy and there both excellent looking bullys and shows exactly how genetics and blood lines play a key part in your bullys development this is why i promote people going to genuine breeders and reputable ones and doing research and asking plenty of questions before you consider any breeder! As you can see from these photos rhe difference in her bite and how much it corrected itself ! Just to make everybody aware that not all vets know this breed as well as others and people who have dealt with the breed for many years!
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  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    Most Vets have no clue how much changes a Bull Terriers teeth and bite develop as they get older. It's not uncommon to hear Vets tell new BT owners that their puppy has a overshot bite. However, as the head grows the lower jaw always pushes forward. A 6 week old puppy with a perfect scissors bite will normally develop into having an undershot bite.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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