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Bull Terrier Companion

juliannjuliann South Africa
We have a male bull terrier puppy and would love to get a companion for it but not sure what breed would be the best.
Was thinking about a female Jack Russel, but after reading alot about it, it seems that that would not be a good match as they are both terriers and are very much "prey driven"
Any advise?


  • Well, id recommend another bull terrier. Which goes with your both are very much "prey driven" . So why a jack Russel wouldn't work is confusing lol. You just have to let your pup pick his friend. All depends on the temperament of your pup and your new pup. If youre wanting a specific breed then id throw it out the window. Your dog could absolutely love a beast of a dog or he could love a Chihuahua. It would just be what dog will fit best in your family not specifically based on breed. ;)
  • choobachooba Michigan / Missouri
    I had the same conundrume when I moved and doggy daycare was no longer an option. and decided on getting a 2nd bullterrier.
    Your gonna pull your hair out, but it will be worth it.

    Exact oposites and completely inseparable.
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  • kellicruzkellicruz San Diego, CA
    If you end up wanting another BT, please consider adoption. You have a wonderful BT rescue in South Africa. https://adorabullterrier.com/
  • My 7 month old male pup adores my mothers female Jack Russell- in fact she dislikes nearly every other dog but adores my pup and she has no hesitation snarking him if he gets to rough now hes getting so big- I tend to let him say hello to other dogs male/ female and we did ( before all the self isolation craziness stuffed up my socialising routines) go for on leash walks with other male dogs too.

    For play/ friends he seems to prefer small snarky females of the terrier breeds.His other dog friend is a tiny Jagdterrier about the same age as him and she is ferocious lol ( very feisty independent small hunting terrier breed).

    I agree though you really need to let him pick his own friends- another female EBT would also be great- they do tend to keep each other busy and not all dogs enjoy EBT play style.
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