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We found a BT and really really want to keep him but MAJOR ISSUE

So we have wanted one. The thing is he is going after and nipping/biting the younger kids. He doesnt to the adults or older kids. PLEASE PLEASE HELP IM AT A LOSS. But for the safety of my kids will let him go
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  • Is it aggressive or like a "hey you're my size let's play!" type thing? And how long have you had him now? Or have you taken him to the vet to determine age? I'm super patient but I understand if you feel your kids are in danger!! My first thought would be he just needs some obedience help and the kids must not (assuming they are) run with him near. Praise good behavior obnoxiously and if he knows NO and he still isn't listening then consider a "time out". My boy is super hyper and likes lunging at my paralyzed cat, his time outs in his crate have slowly but surely worked. Shes now able to lay in the sun and he will leave her alone! I just called him whenever he got close to her and rewarded with a treat for coming and leaving her alone initially. He learned being by my side got him rewards and being near her got him crate time (literally under 5 minutes each time). Keep us updated! He is a very beautiful boy!
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    Also the quickest way fir him to stop us Get a whistle from BARK BEGONE. And every time he gets near the littke kids use that whistle. He will immediate stop when he hears the whistle. It’s a remote training device. It’s ultrasonic and it works like a charm. Mine stopped bad behavior after the second time. Use it for any bad behavior. It’s wonderful.
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