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Need help picking a puppy at 2.5 -3 weeks!

Hey everyone, Ive done my research and the time has come to pick my family's bull terrier from a litter, the problem that I'm having is how to pick correctly based off of the puppies at such an early age. I am torn between the two in these pictures one is a male all white, the other is a female mostly white (she has a black spot on her back). The female is slightly bigger boned, but I feel the head on the male is more correct. If someone could give me some suggestions as to which would be a better fit based off of what you see it be great. Right puppy in the picture or left? Please help me out!imageimage

1242 x 2208 - 9M
2208 x 1242 - 9M
1242 x 2208 - 9M
2208 x 1242 - 6M


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