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1 Yr old EBT for adoption

we have a 1 yr old Bull Terrier, Chubb, who is great with our family and our pug (got the pug about the same time) but he’s very aggressive towards our other 10 yr old mini bull terrier (he's viciously attacked him on multiple occasions) and other dogs. We’re at our wit’s end to the point of euthanizing him. Our hearts are breaking. We’re trying to find some last ditch, hail mary effort to find him a home (without other dogs)…

Chubb turned 1 yr old this passed Sunday. He's incredibly playful, high energy... which we all know about. We've had 2 previously (including one full sized Bullie from Steve). But Chubb would benefit from a family who can love on him (and not have other pets). HE's VERY weary of strangers. We've taken him on quiet walks, tried to socialize him with other dogs (one on one and several very small groups) and had several trainers..but we can't seem to break these habits for him. Very much hoping someone can take him, love him, and heal these issues. He deserves it

I know I'm probably not doing the best job of getting him a new home but i wanted to be fully open and honest... I don't care about money. I just want him to live a full happy life and thats something we can't give him. :(

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