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1 year old very aggressive with other little dogs

Help !! I just moved back into my moms house with my 5 year old shep and my 1 year old bullie ... she has 4 dogs ... 3 large dogs and one small little dog .... my Male bullie has been very aggressive and has attacked my mother's little dog twice now ... myself been bit in the process .... I have 2 kids ... never been bite but I am. Nervous God forbid he'd accidentally bite one of them ... how do I work with him on this? Have a shock collar for him which is used in emergencies ... hes a good dog.... a little aggressive in general as far as me hes very territorial with the other dogs but is flat out aggressive with the little dog ... I need help. .. my last bullie was not like this but my pup was neutered a little late in the game ( 7 months old ) what can I do ?


  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    Sounds like your Bull Terrier has an aggressive streak in him. That's something which is very difficult to train out of him especially if he's already gotten in a few fights already. Based on his temperament he shoudn't be left around other dogs. Even with extensive training he could never be fully trusted with unfamiliar dogs. Any dog was to ever show any form of dominance with him would must likely stir him into an aggressive mode to which he'd initiate a fight.
    There are many Bull Terriers that just aren't good with other dogs. I highly suggest keeping him separated with the other dogs.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Blcron11Blcron11 United States
    That's the thing the other male dog in the house is definitely alpha and they get along fine they roughhouse a little bit but when the alpha says enough he stops hes got a good 30 pounds on this little dog I'm afraid hes gonna kill him I don't know what it is about this little dog he just wants to shake the life out of him
  • They are terriers, could it simply be a high prey drive for a smaller animal?
  • Keep them away from each other. I have 3 dogs #3 being my mini bull terrier 2yr she has a very high prey drive and can be aggressive in certain situations. Although they all get along I never leave my mini unsupervised with the other 2 dogs ( 1 hound/pit mix 12yr ,1 pit-bull 11yr). My pit and mini bull have gotten into it twice/both females ,I was there and stopped it before it could become a fight. There are some dogs she loves and some she hates .
  • choobachooba Michigan / Missouri
    I agree with Steve on this.
    Chooba is 5 and has never shown an inch of aggression toward anything or anybody.
    If threatened his go to is tucking his tail and running behind me.
    Boomer on the other hand.....
    Been through 2, 6 month training sessions, a dog behaviorist, and doggy boot camp, he was gone for 8 weeks, and after house arrest, they told me to pick him up.
    If he's on a leash with me, he listens. But if I am not there, or another dog shows any aggression, game on.
    I have come to the conclusion that he is just not to be around dogs other than Chooba who he gets along with, which is a sad reality. I just cant take a chance.

    If you havent tried extensive training, I highly recommend it. Boomers case is rare. But it is your responsibility to do everything you can, if the unthinkable happens, the cost and time spent in trying to rectify the situation would dwarf the consequences.
    Yes, it can be expensive, but it is your responsibilty.
  • HappilymarriedHappilymarried South africa
    We have Zues which is 1 year and 5 months . He has twice gone for my little Toypom, Gidget who seems to think his a lion at heart lol. And the other day with Pippa my other toypom. They are all very obedient but Zues has semi attacked pippa not to long ago. I think they are just sorting out the hierarchy between the bunch of them. My heart stopped that day. Luckily no biting but just allot of growling from zues and trying to squish pippa.

    Shes awesome and understands now not to mess with him.

    I think what saved the day was that they are all fixed.

    (Also always remember when there is a fight. The quickest way to get them apart is the pick up and pull the BT hind legs and walk him backward away from the fight.)
    I did this the first time when Zues did that to Gidget and worked like a charm. Must admit my heart was racing while doing that. Thank GOD nothing happened.

    They are all very chilled now.

    Good Luck.

    Hope my input is not too late.

    God Bless
    1960 x 1987 - 2M
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