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E-collar Training Resources/Guides

We have decided to give the e-collar a try with our 4 month old BULL headed little lady. She is basically housebroken, knows and listens to some commands and is even good off the leash during hikes. She is just rough around the edges with some things as far as behavior. She’s such a smart girl though, I feel like a lot of her defiance is just to push us. My friend uses an e-collar for her dogs and said it was a lifesaver. I have read that they are to be used for positive reinforcement but I am having a hard time understanding how that would work. I have done internet reading but could use some advice on instructional materials or useful websites if anyone can provide. Or just good solid advice from experienced owners will work too! Thanks in advance and I love this site and forum!!! So helpful and great to find a community of others with these unique pups. Not many bully owners in my area.


  • Never use an e collar for basic obedience

    4 months old is way to early to introduce a dog to an electric collar

    I use ecollars for dogs that are advanced and mostly for recalls

    Go to a Proffesional dog handler if you are having trouble with basic obedience

    Your lack of understanding them is a clear indicator that you should not have one

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    "I have read that they are to be used for positive reinforcement but I am having a hard time understanding how that would work."

    Yeah, I have a hard time understanding that, too.
    Let's be honest: An electro shock - no matter if mild or strong - is a form of punishment meant to deter the dog from a certain behavior. In no way is that POSITIVE reinforcement.

    Positive reinforcement means rewarding the dog with praise or treats for showing a desired behavior. That has nothing to do with e-collars.

    Imagine you would buy an e-collar for your kid to keep it in check instead of teaching it house rules and working on issues together with it, discussing things and hearing it out now and then while it is growing up.
    Ask yourself: Are electro shocks really how you want an individual you love to be treated?

    If this were the only way to train a dog, I would probably think differently about this method.
    But as it is basically just a means to make human's life easier because they don't have to spend much time on studying, understanding and working with their dog when using this method, for me personally this is an absolute nogo.
    I don't judge anyone. Don't get me wrong.
    Every dog owner has to find his or her own way to handle a dog.
    But my dog would NEVER EVER have to wear something like this.
    And at least I can try and encourage people to really think about what this method means for the dog and think about if it is really necessary to take that step.

    My dog was a VERY active and meddlesome youngster. Still, we were able to address every issue with patience and REAL positive reinforcement. No e-collar needed.

    Sorry if that is not what you were asking for. I am not trying to attack you. Just trying to encourage you to give it one more thought.
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    I'm not going to knock the e-collar because I know several people that have had good luck using it a training aid. However, it's far too early to use this sort of training technique on a 4 month old puppy.
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • E-collars are tens units designed to get your dog's attention, not as a form of punishment. When used in combination with positive reinforcement, E-collars provide the feedback that dogs need to learn when to pay attention to the handler. E-collars do not burn or cause lasting damage to a dog. Educational videos and guides can help to dispel some of the myths associated with dog shock collars. I very rarely use the e-collar for training anymore. Now I use the e-collar as a safety precaution in the event Chief starts to run toward danger when he is off leash. Chief goes into his happy dance when he sees the e-collar because he is about to go on an outdoor adventure. He also responds to a level that I can not feel on my own neck. The key as with any tool is the knowledge on how to use it.
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