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New parents to a 4 month old Bully. Need some help with a few things.

Hi all-

My husband and I are new parents/owners to an adorable, yet VERY feisty 4 month old bull terrier. She's our only "child" and animal right now. We got her from a breeder a week ago, so she's still adjusting to us and we are adjusting to her. We just want to get a hang of somethings before it's too late. She's already crate trained and potty trained which is wonderful. She's also very social with people and other animals (was raised on a farm and then spent a month with the breeders friends who are also breeders and had a lot of land/other bullies). She's starting to learn to sit on command, as she didn't know this before. We know the bread has a lot of energy and it's a must to provide plenty of exercise, so we've been taking her out at least 3x per day for at least 30-40mins up to an hour-1.5 hours, not counting the multiple bathroom breaks, in an attempt to tire her out, and because she does spend some of the day in her crate, as she cannot be trusted alone (she's into everything!).

Despite our efforts, she remains very hyper, loves chewing on my husbands feet even after being told no--him slowly pulling his feet away & distracting her w/ toys, is biting me on the arm/leg, is chewing on any and everything in sight (We understand she is teething on top of this, just not sure how to help her through the teething process, other than giving her toys, which she plays with for 10 minutes until wanting to chew on us), humping both of us like crazy (can't tell if it's a dominance thing, she's anxious, stressed or bored), and is very hard to walk on a leash (mainly for me), as she somehow turns her little body around, grabs it and chews on it and just wants to play.

Wondering if anyone has any tips to help? I get a bunch of different advice from people who own other breeds, however we don't know too many people who own bull terriers. The breeder told us to not get a harness as she'll never learn to walk with a regular leash?? It just makes me nervous with her grabbing/chewing/pulling on her leash, as her collar almost came off one day, even though I thought it was tight enough (obviously not enough...). And boy do those baby teeth HURT.

I've been reading through some of the discussion boards, which has been SO helpful and has answered some of my questions already. Really looking forward to reading more and looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for us. :)

Anxious mom over here lol

Thanks so much!


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