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Hey all, need some help. Our Rocko will be 9 months here soon and we’ve been dealing with aggressive issues for the past 3 months. While I will say he’s gotten better, he still will randomly growl/snarl while being petted—mind you he will come to us to be petted, and then growl and try to bite us. It’s not all the time, just some times. I have been bitten and nothing has broken skin (does that mean he doesn’t respect me?) I’ve done some reading and we switched up the way we pet him, from under not over and try to do what we know he likes, but he will still get pissy. He definitely does it most with my marine husband. He also has major crate issues. We live in an apt and I only work 3 days a week and the longest he’s crated then is 6 hours. If we can distract him with a tastey treat he’s fine. But in the early mornings when he’s woken for breakfast he’s hella pissed and sounds so vicious. Trying to get my husband to switch up his waking up routine...
We want him to stop those bad habits before our baby comes, he’s got 7 months, otherwise I wouldn’t feel safe with him around the babe and he’d have to find a new home. We’ve had a behaviorist come out once before and did learn some decent tricks, but he still has his unpredictable moments... any advice?


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