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Behavioral problems

So my Bella is 7 months old and she’s obsessed with ceiling fans! A month ago we moved from an apt into a house with a nice yard for her. She was enjoying it so much the first week and thennnnnn she just completely goes off at the outside ceiling fan on the patio now. She started this like two weeks ago. She will obsessively run around in circles around the ceiling fan barking. When she’s doing it she won’t listen to us, no matter what we do or how many treats I show her she just won’t stop going at the fan. She stops whenever she wants to basically!.. now a couple of days ago she started doing the same with the living room ceiling fan. I don’t know what to do. When we go for walks she totally doesn’t listen to me, she pulls on her leash and wants to be the one pulling me!! Some people have told me that I should try a training colar as in the ones that have a loud noise, vibration and shock options... anyone has any advice?????
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