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Update and a question

Hi all. Not listed for a while. Eric is very well. Now 11 months. We ended up neutering him. A decision not taken lightly. He has come through operation and seems his self. He’s weighing in at 28kg now. Very healthy looking. He can swim too now. Haha.

My question is that he still seems to have moments of real aggression towards me and my wife. Where he does go for us when he’s done something wrong and is told ‘NO’. He seems to know believe that NO is a word that means something else and goes mad. He has bitten but not in a playful way. I know the difference now. It’s strange as it’s only with me he does it. When we have guests all he wants is attention and love however sometimes at a point in the day he gets annoyed by me and wants to show teeth and nip. Any thoughts?


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  • Look at my post on Crate aggression . Sounds very similar to my Mackenzie ,most of her aggression was in the crate but it happened outside of it as well and mostly directed at my husband .She has never bitten me but has bitten my husband several times. The good news is at 17months it has gotten so much better .She is a work in progress :)
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