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Help! Aggressive Youngster!

Hey all! I haven’t posted in awhile (posted when I picked up my pup at 5 weeks old) my pup is now 7 months old and very very very fear aggressive. He is barking and nipping at anyone that comes in his area. We live in an apartment complex (closing on a house as we speak with a huge yard!) and most people in my building seem to be afraid of dogs in general so interacting is really tough and I’m sure Hammer can sense the fear they all have as they pass him, the problem is at this point I’m afraid to even invite people over as he could nip them. He gets very excited when I get home and does nip at me in excitement (tore my T-shirt the other day). Having said all this I went for a trip to visit my brother who knew going into the situation that hammer was scared and aggressive, Hammer and I spent 8 days living with my brother his 4 male roommates and 2 other bulldogs, no issues, so I know it’s possible to help Hammer, I just need advice. Hammer also is afraid to leave our apartment complex which has made exercising him and wearing him out very very difficult. I have tried all the tricks online, I have flooded him with good treats when he sees people or to intice him to walk. Please help me I love him so much but can’t keep living completely fearful that my dog will end up seriously hurting someone.

Hammer listens to commands very well indoors, but once we are outside he could care less what I have to say he just wants to sniff around and when people are close he just wants to lunge and bark....


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