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Housetraining/Crate Help

Hey guys! I need a little advice to help my pup. She's 10-13 weeks now (not exact on age) and has the general idea of her potty training down, but we still are struggling when it comes to keeping her in the crate. So first, here's our weekday schedule:

06:15AM wake up, let her outside, feed her breakfast and a SMALL amount of water. She gets to play while i get ready for work.
07:15AM let her outside again, put her in the kennel for the first half of the day.
11:15AM come home for lunch, let her outside. She gets to play until i have to leave again. NO FOOD OR WATER.
11:45AM back in the kennel for second half of day
4:45PM come home for the day. She gets dinner and a big bowl of water.
7:15PM no more water for the night
11:15PM bedtime. She sleeps in the kennel the first half of the night
03:15AM i wake up to let her outside. then immediately to the bedroom to sleep with me the rest of the night.

She always pees when i let her out. we don't come inside until she does. She doesn't have accidents through the night or the first half of the day when i'm at work, but EVERY SINGLE DAY she pees in the kennel the second half (after lunch) when i'm at work. i don't understand why. She doesn't get water or food on lunch, i took out everything soft except a single toy for her in the kennel and throughout the rest of the day she has numerous potty breaks and pees. Any advice? is this something i might just have to wait out due to her age?
Sidenote: She's taken to her kennel very well, which i'm very grateful about. She'll go in with no issue and lay down. She won't cry and usually falls asleep within a few minutes.
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    I know it can be difficult for a hard working person to give a dog lots of free space. But the time your little one has to spend crated each day sounds awfully long to me, to be honest with you. Especially at that young age.
    Maybe you get the chance to make some other arrangements to provide your dog with less crate time, a family member walking it when you are out for work or a sitter, a neighbor with a good sense for dogs and enough time ... you'll have to figure this one out on your own.

    The second part of the day, 5 hours in the crate at a time if I am counting right, may just be too long for your baby dog to "hold it". Actually I am amazed that there are not more accidents than that happening. Because usually puppies need "to go" a felt million times a day for quite a while.
    And that has not only to do with the consumption of water.
    They just need to go more often. It will balance once they grow.
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    The little puppies like yours can not hold longer than 3 hours. It is very understandable that most of us humans can't spent as much time with our furry babies as we wish cause we have jobs. In your case maybe she sleeps in the first part of the day and awake most of the time the other half so she just cant hold it in. I am not a big fan of wee pads but they might be helpful in certain cases. You might leave her and the crate in the bathroom along with wee pad(outside of the crate), if you remove all chewable /dangerous objects. She will be doing her business on wee pad if you train her.
    When Vinnie was little we used to attach his crate to the bathroom( the crate did not fit bathroom doorway) so it was kind of blocking the exit but he was able to go inside to rest. He used wee pad laid on the bathroom floor when he needed it but stopped on his own when got older and was waiting for us to take him out instead.
    Wee pads are just a help to take some pressure from you and your pup but it is not a permanent solution. You still will need to take some time off to house train your dog. It took us 1 week to fully do ours. 10- 13 weeks pup is still too little to house train if you are away for 4 hours or longer. Two months old puppy can hold his bladder for up to 3 hours. Time increases an hour per month of age. I think you can give her another month :)
  • I might have to try the wee pads. I always get nervous about those because I don't want to encourage her to pee in the house, but i'll trust your advice! :) I'm sure there are ways to train her off of them. I'll probably look into getting someone to check on her while i'm at work as well. My work schedule won't ever change, but I can try to help her until she can hold it for the duration. I feel bad about keeping her in the kennel, but once she's potty trained i'll let her roam the house with our other dog.
    I don't remember house training to be this hard but I know every puppy is different.
  • Maybe buy an X pen and put the crate in it and use a pee pad in the X pen. Bull Terriers have so much energy and are so smart as she gets older she is going to need more interaction with people during the day or she might destroy your house . The longest I leave Mackenzie in her crate is 3 hours I am lucky though because I have 2 kids at home during the day and they let her out. Maybe a dog walker or doggy day care ?
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