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Tips on entertaining a EBT

morning all.

Eric going well. Just wondered if people had any top tips on keeping him entertained. So far been good but his energy levels have gone up now he’s getting older. Haha.

Also he’s now 8 months and ocasionally a bit nippy still. (RARELY) do we think this will stop with a bit more age? He gets told ‘NO’ and then sits.
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  • The only entertainment I can offer mine is a Kong or a bone any other toys she consumes instantly although I do think she finds me vastly entertaining :) We do go on walks ,runs and lots of random training all day long. Yes the nipping will eventually slow way down. Mackenzie is 16 months and she rarely does it anymore.
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  • All wonderful

    Nothing beats free running

    I run mine in the woods daily a few miles off lead

    When we can’t

    Spring pole and flirt pole here my guy was at 8 months

    When they were pups on a flirt pole


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    I was not really able to exercise Mila frequently when younger because she developed allergic symptoms on the lawn besides the house we lived in at that time and all of the free spots in our area - which were a lot - had those super spiky sandburs, plus the roads were quiet, yet the surfaces were really spiky too. So, actually no real place near us to let her run her energy out. Luckily we had a swimming pool available and I started exercising her in the pool. That was an advantage. First she had to learn how to swim.
    A pool is not necessary, any pond, lake or beach will do, if available. Water games are great for energy draining.

    As I had started really early to clicker train her that became my go-to exercise to keep her busy: brain exercises and search games.
    We've learned A LOT of nice little tricks. Today it has become harder for me to come up with new ideas on what to train because she know so much already. But we are still doing it. Mila LOVES everything about it, the interaction, learning something new, the praise and the treats. When she was little she started practicing her rollovers on her own at the dog park. It was so cute.
    Right now I am teaching her how to count. It's fun ... and keeps her busy. Amazing how effective those brain teasers are for dogs in terms of exhausting their energy.
    I can only recommend training - with or without a clicker - as a wonderful bonding exercise that brings fun on both ends, and even some neat tricks in the end to stun people with. It's so much easier than many people think. :)

    If I had the time for it, I would probably also try agility with her. I really think that this is a good sporting activity for Bull Terriers ... challenging body AND mind.

    Things I still do to keep her busy for a few minutes or give some diversion is hiding treats in her blanket so she can search them or filling and freezing her kong (w. yogurt for example). She loves that but it's always a mess. :)
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    Bull Terriers are very easy to entertain. Even mopping the floor or doing the laundry could be very exciting for the bull. We off-leash run on the beach, play soccer or fetch ( I make him search for the best stick to play fetch. When he hinds what he thinks is a good one, he lays down next to it until i come over to check, if i tell him it is not good enough, he keeps searching.) He loves to swim or play fetch in the ocean/lake, digging, searching for shells (usually on the beach he chooses a shell he likes and i mix it with other shells - he always finds the right one . On the sunny day when he is already tired but still does not want to go home, he likes to sit on the stoops of our apartment building watching pedestrians(the street is always busy).
    Dog parks is a very good option to drain energy too.
    At home we play hide and seek, tag-o-war, or make him search for the toy/ hot and cold game( I show hem a toy he has to find then i lock him in another room and hide the toy anywhere in the apartment. He loves this one.)
    Kongs dont last long - 10 minutes max, bully sticks work better for us - he is busy for 30-40 minutes.
    I think I should get a flirt pole - it looks like lots of fun :)

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  • What’s a bully stick??
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    Bully sticks are made from high-protein beef muscle or dried bull's pizzle. It is a single ingredient treat and is available in different lengths, width and shape. I prefer to buy long pizzles - at least 30" to 36" long. I discard last 5 inches since my bullie likes to swallow it when too short. They stink when wet and you need to supervise your dog with bully stick.
    This link is just an example :

  • I got my flirt pole on amazon so much fun
  • Vinnie is the cutest thing ever :)
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    I'm going to order one :)
  • Can you send a link for the flirt pole please. Wine that you would recommend.
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    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Hi all.

    Ok so I’ve been to pet shop and have chosen a ball made by KONG. it’s a clear rubber material that’s red in colour and has a squeak in it.

    Eric loves it. Yet to see him obsess over a toy like this one. He even just came back when I used it for recall on beach.

    However he also runs away when I try to collect from him. Fetch is out of the question as he doesn’t return. Haha.

    Any tips on teaching him to come back with ball?
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    The typical "new toy moment".
    Many dogs - my girl included - are in general easy to handle when it comes to giving things back to the handler. But that often does not count for BRAND NEW items - also, my girl included (that one always needs one more moment of patience).
    Therefore it is a good thing to give an untrained dog things that can be chewed and eaten. So, you can basically avoid getting into the situation of having to take something away - for now.

    If a very young dog already displays a general tendency of NOT wanting to give up things - even after the "new toy phase" has worn off a little, that is an issue I would definitely tackle by training in order for my dog to understand that giving up does not necessarily mean losing (of course, to learn that the dog needs to make the experience of getting things back it has given up before).
    I would practice giving away things with less attractive items before giving the dog things like that ball and expecting it to give that back.
    Also, as crazy as it may sound, there are indeed dogs who do not naturally understand the concept of fetch (retrieving a ball or other item and bringing it back so it can be thrown again). For such dogs the "bring it" training exercise is good to familiarize them with playing fetch.

    Another thing: Some dogs at first seem to think that "looking inside" toys (by chewing on them to the point of destruction) is the only thing they can do with a toy. They lack the imagination and experience of how much fun it is to interact with their owner and the toy in different ways.
    Some dogs need a little guidance with that.
    Just a few thoughts thrown in here fr you because every dog is different and nothing can compete with the steam of a puppy - except patience. :D
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    Vinnie does not bring it back too and runs away when i try to get it from him so I taught him "leave it" and "down" commands. He usually releases the toy and lays next to it until i pick it up. I tried to teach him to bring it back but it looks like running around me with the toy in his mouth is a part of his game. :)
    Eric is so cute!
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    My wife and I learned a lot from watching the dog trainer "Nando Brown"
    He has a video for almost everything.
    Using two tennis balls or toys for recall and drop works a treat.

    I tried to post a link to his videos but having trouble, if you want to see his videos
    just google...School of canine science.
  • Treats ! Fetch is Mackenzie's favorite game . The flirt pole I bought on Amazon was about 12.00 and came with 2 ropes to attach.
  • Still trying today with the ball. I took it off him a bit ago and he simply kept running round the house looking for it. Panting and searching. I have ended up picking him up and putting him a chill out position on my lap.

    It has worked. But just wonder how to let him know pay time is over with ball so he stops and calms straight away.
  • I learned the first week we had Mackenzie that balls were a no go she is way to obsessive about them ,to the exclusion of everything else . I finally found the kong after much trial and error with other toys. I know its weird she is way more obsessive with a ball than the kong ,don't get me wrong she wants to play with the kong all the time but she wants to play with me and when I have had to much I put it up and give her a bone to chew . Do any bull terriers calm straight away ? :)
  • Eric is the cutest thing ever :)>-
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