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Baby Bully biting

Hey there, I have an 8week old and a 2.5 yr old lab/husky. My bully likes to latch onto my lab and he yelps in pain sometimes and is a gentle giant. How far do I let the bully go with biting or do I just watch painfully as my new baby bites my big baby and he tries to put him in his place.


  • I had to pretty much stop play between my 2 older dogs and my bull terrier puppy the older dogs especially my pit bull were getting chewed up by the puppy . I still supervise all play between them the puppy is now 16 months old. I was hoping the older dogs would put her in her place but she does not listen /pay attention to what they are trying to tell her.
  • Thanks Corey90260. So, what did u do when the puppy insists on coming back for more. We have a pen for our puppy that we can put him in, but I don't want him to see it as punishment
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    The crate (or remote room) is a time-out to calm down, not a punishment. Your pup wants the fun to go on. If the fun stops consistently every time he starts being to rough, he'll get it eventually, I am sure of that. "Eventually" in this case, however, can mean that it will take hundreds of time-outs and weeks of learning and adjusting for your pup until you are there. After all, it's a Bull Terrier and impulse control is not the strong suit of young pups, especially not EBTs.
    It's a great thing that your bigger dog seems to be very tolerant with the young one. That is not something to be taken for granted. Not every dog grants young dogs so much freedom. Just as you did, I would also have watched very closely how the older dog is handling the situation. And I would never expect the dogs to clear something like this without anyone getting hurt. Therefore it's a good thing to always be ready to intervene and if necessary separate the dogs.
  • Thank you so much for this advice. I will take this and work with it. It's hard to know what to do when you've never been in this situation :)
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