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Hi from Malaysia

Hi all,

Myself and my son have great interest in getting a bull terrier. But before commiting to one, i would ask some advice from you all. A little bit of my back ground, i have a 6 year old boy and another baby coming soon in march. So my question is..

1: is it advisible to get one? There was an incident in my country 5 years ago, a bully mauled a 73 year old man to death.
2: whats the difference between standard and miniature?
3: the dog i am about to get its a miniature female and has been on sale for almost 2 years at the petshop. The petahop is quite reputable. It does not have any owners before. It has all the valid documentations and vaccinations. Would the behaviour be different?

Hope to hear from some sifu soon!



  • Buying any dog from a pet store is a bad idea.

    Buying a very powerful dog from a pet store when you have a child at home and another on the way has got my alarm bell ringing.
  • Agreed! two years in a pet shop that is really sad and with a dog that requires a lot of attention I wonder what issues it might have . If I had a 6 yr old and a baby on they way I would really ,really need to know some serious history on the dog.
  • The dog was transferred to this particular outlet 2 month ago, according to the salesperson, they do play with the dog. But history with other outlets is unknown. When i took the dog out yesterday it was very active and playful. Keep licking my toes as i was wearing sandals. Slightly overweight but still very majestic..
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    if you are in Malaysia, i would check the legality of having one. I live in Thailand and travel to Kuala Lumpur reguarly and I BELIEVE English Bull Terriers are a banned IMPORTATION breed into Malaysia and restrictions are in place to own them.
  • There is 7 pedigrees being banned in Malaysia. Bull terriers not one of them. We can still apply the dog license for this breed.
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