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Potty Training is an issue

Hi guys, I'm a new member here and have never posted before. I few weeks ago, I picked up Cain, a two month old bull terrier. I'm trying to crate train him and I'm walking him three times a day. I've switched up his feeding and water schedule a bunch already to try to match when he uses the bathroom to his walks. He still pees frequently in his crate, with or without bedding. I feed him right in front of the crate. I'm getting lost here! Any help? I attached a photo of the little guy too, because he's super cute.
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    Just some ideas from my experience. There could be other aspects as well that may be important.
    Usually dogs don't soil the places they consider their refuge/ where they sleep and eat.
    There are exceptions, for example, health or age related issues causing problems to "hold it" long enough until the next potty time. Very young puppies are often "missing the point" and relieve themselves right where they are standing.
    OR the pet simply does not consider the crate "home", meaning his refuge and sleeping place. I am not sure what I would do to make the function of the crate clear in this case - maybe try to feed him IN the crate for a while.

    But before that some other questions should be clarified:
    How long is he crated before the ooopsies happen? It is not a good idea to crate a young puppy very long. At that age I would also assume that it may be necessary to be outside even once during the night. Or at least have the last potty walk really late and the first one really early in order to keep the crate period as short as possible.
    Also, when does he last drink before "going to bed"? Later the water should be available ALL the time. But during potty training it can really help to make sure the pup drinks enough with meals and then go outside afterwards really fast while limiting the intake in the evening to make sure he does not have to go to sleep with a super full bladder.

    Looking at the age health issues are not what comes to my mind first. With 2 months the pup is still very young and potty issues not really unusual. But if everything else can be ruled out, of course, something health related should be considered as well.
    I try my very best not to keep him in there too long when I'm gone! He's getting better. I think it's just an age issue where he can't hold it when he does it in there. Thanks for your insight!
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