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Few questions. Please help

Hello all.

Happy new year.

Eric is now nearly 6 months, he’s weighing in at 18kg now. Getting big.

Does that sound right to people? Just checking.

Also he’s decided to start eating his poo. This has just started. I’ve just tried pineapple tonight hope this works to stop it!!!
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  • Hello Mr Bones.
    Our male Bully also ate his own shite at around that age.
    We tried pineapple and a variety of other things that didn't work.
    Constant observation and a firm NO! went some way to limiting what he was doing.
    He eventually grew out of it at approximately age 15 months.
  • LauraLaura Northern Illinois
    My dog only has tried to eat his poo a few times when a pup, my husband said it was the food, that was a can of blue buffalo puppy food. When I switched food he didn’t do it anymore, if you see him do it or get close to doing it just stop him. I am no expert but I don’t think his weight is unusual, they grow fast!
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