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Potty training NOT gong well!!

So, this is not my first rodeo with potty training but this little one is about to drive me mad! Never have I had this much trouble.
Mia is almost 5 mo. old.
We got her on November 26th.
Has never had an accident in her kennel but is not getting it when it comes to being out of kennel and often does her business ( #1 AND #2) on the couch!!
It is apparent that she does not like to go out at night. This was also an issue with our first one but she wasn't this bad at messing in the house.
It doesn't matter if I go out with her or not or if the other dog goes out with her.
I had just shampooed the couch earlier this even from her peeing on it. It was almost dry from cleaning and all be d@*!* if she didn't take a poo on it!!
Any thoughts anyone?
Thank you


  • AmyJoAmyJo Kansas
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    Miss Mia
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    When it comes to housebreaking, every dog is different. I have even heard of dogs still having occasional accidents at the age of 12 months. It is not unnormal but it's annoying, I sure get that.

    One question: Are you waiting for your dogs to "tell" you somehow when they need to "go" or do you stick to fixed routines, like going outside after meals, naps and playtime inside, etc.?

    Another thing: It's incredibly hard on a couch - unless it's made of leather - but it's vital to meticulously remove EVERY odor left by her or other animals in places they have relived themselves in inside the house. Not only to give our human noses a break, but also because the dogs can even still smell it when we no longer do. And the smell is enticing and makes them think this is some place they can use "to go". That enhances the chances that doggie will chose the same spot again next time. :(

    There is a very good cleaner: Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover:
    That stuff is awesome! They have different varieties.
    Just test it in a hidden spot on the couch first just to make sure it does not cause any staining.

    For now I would probably just not let doggie sit on the couch unsupervised and try to remove rugs and things she could find attractive for a little business until you are through the process of housebreaking her.

    Other than that your best bet is to go back or stick to the routines you've used when she was really little to teach her the entire potty business and keep doing that until she gets it.
    Also, of course, there is always a tiny chance that some physical issues may be involved. If she has been "dry" already and suddenly the wetting returns, that could indicate a physical problem in which case seeing a vet to exclude any infections as the cause may be an idea.
  • Thank you for all the info!
    I use vinegar in my shampooer for the doggie spots but I will try the cleaner you suggested.
  • @AmyJo It must be really hard to get mad at her she is so so CUTE
  • Lol it sure is. Thank you
  • December 31st.....first day with no accident s!!
    I think it was even the coldest day of the year for us
  • Awesome!
    There may still be setbacks ahead. But don't give up. They're smart cookies! She'll get it eventually.
  • It just feeeeels like it takes foreeeeeever :|
  • BellaGreenBellaGreen Washington
    Hi! I’m new here. My Bella is 8 wks old. I’ve got her on a schedule, did a lot of reading and found that while taking her out I repeat the word potty while she is pooping or peeing outside. Immediately giving her a training treat and praising like crazy. We still have puppy pads on the floor, and she will use them once in awhile. But everyday it’s getting better. I’ve taught her Come, but everyday I work on it. The only problem I have is the biting..ugh! Thanks for having me! It’s been great reading posts that really help raising
    my lil baby! Bella is a bull terrier black lab
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  • WOW she is pretty ! I would get used to the biting it lasts for awhile but it does get better ! I can't wait to see wait she looks like in a few months.
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