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First time playing Barn Hunt

I took my Bullies to a little Barn Hunt Practice event

It was their first time trying this at 16 months old

It is not there first time getting after critters thou and they found the first rats with in seconds

I think they have a future in this game :)


  • That was very cool! I have never seen any kind of event like this. Your bullies did great! At home we try hide and seek with our bully and our kids. I am trying to get her to associate their names to themselves (I think it could happen [-O< ) She finds my daughter pretty fast but my son stumps here very time. Your video just gave me the idea to have her smell some of their clothes before searching for them. Thanks for the idea! Love your dogs, they always look so happy :)>-
  • Thank you K

    I know they make me happy :)

    It was a bit unfair

    Showing up my dogs have the advantage of being in the woods daily chasing things and smelling tracks

    Remember at a few months old I had them out tracking deer

    Thanks for posting
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    I've been seeing more and more people enjoying this event with their Bullies. It looks like a lot of fun.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • I’ve been thinking about doing this type of event or nosework training & events with my boy Titan as he loves smelling & tracking other animals when outdoors!!
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