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If this isn’t true, I don’t know what is!
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  • Hilarious!!!! It doesn’t matter how loud it is in our house or where our pup is in the house...when you open the fridge and grab a cheese stick, she comes flying! :))
  • DutchyDutchy South east uk
    For us this isn’t true our Beau is not interested in toys nor in treats and his own food I/we have to put extras in to make him eat and I do hear you say don’t do supplement and when hunger he will eat, sorry to say but tried that for more than 24 hours (he was 12weeks) but snifft at it and walks away. Going outdoors is an other thing he goes to the beach which is otherside of the building does his wee and if lucky his poo and than has one mode and that’s strait home ASAP
    Beau is tomorrow 13 weeks and weighs 7.5 kg and indoors playfull and listing to basic commands as sit stay and wait but all without treats he is NOT motivated by food or treats or toys got him string cheese natural treat, nothing is smelly enough to get his attention.
    If someone has an idea please I’m open for it because it will work for both sides :-/
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