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Need Some Tips For Training

Alright! Hi, I'm Angel, I have an eight week old demon of a bully named Charlie! AND I NEED LOTS OF HELP.

Charlie really is only eight weeks old, but he is a handful. I have had many dogs before, even though I'm only sixteen. I've dealt with Heelers, Rottweilers, Mini Pinchers, Collies and even one Wolf Dog very briefly. But I have never ever had a Bull Terrier and I am beginning to question my limits haha. My main issues with Charlie stem from his tendency to nip, his selective hearing and distructive habits. I know he is just a baby. But I am alone with him all day and most of the night because my mother works long hours. She is wonderful at training, but she isn't around long enough to work with him a lot. We got him because I was very lonely and she wanted a way for me to get outside more. I wanted to get an older dog, but she wanted one she could train herself. Ohhh, I really wish she had gotten an older dog from the shelter. I live in an apartment, which means I have to carry the poor pup all the way down steep stairs and another set of stairs out the door to get him to go potty outside. Also, the grass is infested with fleas so I have to let him go in the parking lot, then take him in and do whatever I can to keep fleas at bay. So far I'm keeping up with the fleas, but it is so hard to potty train him when he can't tell me he's got to go yet and I have to go so far to get him to a place to potty. I got potty pads and hes starting to get decent about using them, but he's slow about not biting them or dragging them around. He chews on everything he's not supposed to chew on and he won't listen when I tell him not to. He keeps doing it. Watching me the entire time I scold him. I haven't used treats yet but thats because he has milk teeth and has a tendency to nip. Hard. He's made me bleed a few times and I just- it is so frustrating. I don't want to give up on him yet. He's just a baby but I'm running out of patience and ideas. I recently put him in his kennel because I needed a break, I was getting so angry. He tore his bed up a bit. Ugh. I just need some tips, more options. Ways to work with him. I have tried praising him when he stops doing bad things. I've tried scolding him when he does bad things. I've tried giving him a toy to chew on whenever he tries chewing on something else but he isn't improving. Doing this on my own is very hard, I prefer calmer dogs. He's wild. I can't get him to sit still very long. If he does sit long enough for me to pet him and give him attention, he tries nipping at my hands. If I could stop all the nipping, I might get my foot in the door in the way of ending the chewing and such because I'll be comfortable giving him treats. I feel like 8 weeks is so early to start things like vigorous potty training, but not doing it isn't an option. He hasn't pooped in the apartment at all, but he still pees where he's not supposed to quite often. My mom hates the potty pads, she expects me to immediately have him trained to pee outside. He's so little I'd be trekking up and down those dastardly stairs every thirty minutes and I have a sore hip, that isn't an option. The potty pads have to stay until he's big enough to hold it longer. And how do I get his attention so he'll listen without whacking him? He won't listen unless I make some clicking noise or nudge him hard enough that he at least looks. The noise is very tiring and he's starting to ignore it too. The nudging bothers me because again, he bites me.


  • If he is 8wks now and your already struggling what age was he when you got him?
    Try not to get angry with him and definitely don't whack him he is acting just the way a puppy would with his siblings. Don't encourage any rough play, if he nips you warn him and if he does it again I found that time out worked. If your living in an apartment without a garden you really do have your work cut out.
    I'm not trying to be mean I just have concerns for the quality of life for the pup under the circumstances you have described.
  • Well, I think he's pretty content, just a little bored with the toys I have. I got him the day after he turned 8 weeks, so now hes a bit closer to being 9 weeks old. They do have grassy places for him to go, but he's picking up fleas when he goes in the grass. I've been letting him get into the places that don't have a lot of grass or plants so he can go potty on the dirt instead of pavement. I know that fleas aren't good so, until we get some kind of oral flea medication for him, I'm going to keep avoiding grass because I don't think its a good idea to stick a flea collar on him yet. I don't wanna risk him somehow getting ahold of it and chewing on it. I think I'm just very used to just having to worry about myself and watching him closely and making sure he behaves is a little bit of a big adjustment ha. I did read some other discussions on here and I'm already feeling a little more confident. I've been in a bit of an off mood and this pups craziness was wearing on my already frayed nerves but I think I will be okay now that I've read some great things on here.
  • Charlie the Heathen try to stay positive. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Puppies are a lot of work especially these active fellows. However with each passing day and with your consistent training you will be rewarded with an amazing canine friend for years to come. Dogs feel energy from humans and your frustration towards your puppy is probably helping to fuel his destructivity. Try staying calm and positive and try to make yourself the Alpha dog in the situation. You will need to correct unwanted behaviour not with physical contact but with your words. If he is doing something unwanted like nipping i would tell him no and try to replace him nipping on me with a toy. If he is not listening to you and keeps nipping you i would give him a timeout. A time out in his crate. If you are not crate training i would highly suggest you do so. Not only is it a safe place for your pup it also creates a place where you can put him when he"s bad so he can settle down and realize after repetition that his unwanted behaviour is putting him there. At 9 weeks your puppy will still be nipping because thats what puppies do with litter mates as well his gums may be sore and nipping helps him soothe them. Teach him what he can nip and what he cant. This will be frustrating but stay consistent. As soon as he has his shots take him to socialize. Get him playing with other pups and dogs. Exercise is the key to keeping him under control. The more tired he is the easier your training will be. If hes had enough exercise he will be tired and more willing to be obedient then if he has bottled up energy. Also sign him up for puppy classes with other poppies to help socialize. I feel as though you will be able to get through this rough patch on top. Stay positive but stern. Remember this is only a stage for your pup and both of you will grow out of this together. Good Luck!
  • It is hard they are a challenging breed we had similar issues with our pup but if you remain consistent and calm then he will come good. Ours is 5 months and a completely different dog to the one we brought home at 8 weeks old. Once his jabs are sorted get him out socialising. Best of luck
  • I got mine at 6 months "rescue" she is now 9 months and with constant training and attention she is becoming a wonderful dog .I will tell you though this is one of the hardest dogs I have owned and although she is so much better than when we first brought her home every day is still a challenge and I imagine it is going to continue this way for some time . Training , Exercise "LOTS", Kongs its the only toy she hasn't destroyed and eaten and crate training :D Good Luck
  • @charlietheheathen I would definitely be voicing all of these concerns to your mother. If she is really great at training dogs then it seems she should be able to help. I am sorry, but it doesn't seem quite right to have a 16 year old left alone to train the puppy by themselves, my opinion ???? what will happen when you have to go back to school all day?
    Keep positive of course and everything else that has been said by everyone is great advice, but I would certainly let your mom know what you are dealing with.
  • Bull terriers are not a breed for a person who wants a 'well trained dog'. I've struggled with accepting this. They need firm consistent owners who accept these falibilities. They need professional training as a pup in order to get an acceptably or averaged behaved adolescent dog. Future training will be life long reinforcement of the basic rules you taught as a pup. If they don't get this, you will probably end up with a very unruly dog.

    But what I adore about them is that they are real cuddle bugs, and so silly that they have helped me be less serious minded and see the funny side of life. My dog has helped me loosen up and become gentler in my approach to life. They want cuddles all day, but even after a 10 minute cuddle you will have a shadow with loving eyes for a week.
  • With all respect and care may I ask how come in a such early age of seventeen you had the heelerSSSS which lives 13-15 years (which is cattle herding dog), rottweilerSSSs( 8-10 years), mini pincherSSSS (13 years), collieSSS (10-17 years)?????!! What happened to them? Where are they now? Dogs are not toys, they need love and affection, they need the steady hand and guidance ( i have some troubles with my teenage dog too), and they need daily kisses and hugs. You dont get the pup because you are sad or depressed at the moment, you will be taking care of this dog for all of her life, which is 12 to 14 years. Especially bullies, as stubborn as they are, they need a strong owner,they need the structure in their life. That's the main reason why bull terriers end up at dog shelters or sent back to the breeders. Also they are very active in their early years, they have to exercise a lot to spend all this energy. Your dog is only 11 weeks old by now and you can not fulfill his puppy needs! The teen pup needs much more! Sorry, I did not mean to be harsh.
    As for his puppy teeth an and a flea collar - his puppy teeth are strong enough to pierce your skin through - dont worry about treats! As for fleas - there are lots of creams and sprays on the market besides flea collar - you apply a cream once a month and it is good for 30 days against fleas and ticks. I was a mother chicken like you too until I brought Vinnie for the second round of shots. My vet( over 30 years of experience)told me straightforward that I'd better have a sick pup, than unsocialized pup, he is vaccinated enough ( just take him out after 12pm, dont let him be in a grass, dont let him sniff on other dogs poop) He is fine on concrete after 12pm. I put my Vinnie on the ground right outside of the clinic and we walked back home for the first time. Ok, some dog owners might disagree on that.
    In summer we have fireworks every friday, we introduced it to Vinnie when he was 9 weeks old, from far away first, then closer and closer. Last week we were as close as possible and he did not care at all. He does not care about thanders, sometimes we wake up from it and he sleeps peacefully in his crate belly up.
    Sorry to be hard on you but if you get a dog, you have to stop self-pitting. You can change your life anytime you want but your dog depends on you, her/his happiness and lifestyle is your responsibility. if you don't know where to start, there are lots of books about bull terrier training. Research a bit and ask your mom to buy /order it - it will be great help for you and your mom.
    I am very sorry if i was impolite or disrespectful, this matter was bothering me since i saw this post.
  • I think bull terriers are not for everyone. There are a lot of easier to train breeds and breeds that are less demanding and calmer.
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