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Dino Bull Terriers ~ Caution Bad Breeder!

Rarely will you hear me speak poorly about another breeder but when there's just cause due to their corruption, character, integrity, or breeding ethics I'd rather prevent people from making the mistake in dealing with a breeder of this caliber than turn a blind eye to it.

Over the years I've gotten used to receiving calls from other breeders posing as some caring person looking to purchase a puppy from us. The quickest way to identify another breeder is their quick focus of attention on whether or not they will be receiving "Full Registration" on a future puppy they are interested in.

The other day I received a phone call by someone with the same tactics of explaining they are wanting a Bull Terrier puppy to add to their family. After a short while on the phone she was explaining that she had contacted a few other breeders but they were not willing to sell her a puppy with Full Registration solely in her name only. I explained to her that NO responsible breeder is going to do that. However, they have the option of receiving a puppy with Limited Registration or with Full Registration which would be as a co-owner after a co-ownership contract was initiated. She immediately got confrontational explaining that she did NOT want any sort of co-ownership on the puppy and would only purchase a puppy with Full Registration without co-ownership. I told her she was contacting the wrong breeder because there was no way I would put the reputation of my bloodlines on the line by selling a puppy in which the owner could breed to any quality Bull Terrier they chose as well as breed the puppy during every heat cycle until it died. Responsible breeders just don't allow those things to happen and they surely don;t wish to see one of their puppy's go to some unethical backyard breeder or puppy mill. I told her that I was now having the strong feeling her pursuit was for a future breeder vice loyal family companion. She ended up getting very upset that I would not sell her puppy and told me she'd find another breeder and that she did in fact wish to breed.

I didn't think too much about the phone call because I get phone calls similar to that fairly often from others looking to purchase a puppy free from co-ownership and with Full Registration. However, today I received a text message from her basically telling me off for not providing her a future puppy with Full Registration. I was shocked this young lady was still bitter and couldn't figure out why she was so upset so I decided to look up her phone number to see who the heck she was. Immediately I noticed the same number showing up on a Bull Terrier breeders website and several puppy advertisement websites. Sure as day my initial thoughts were correct because she was in fact a new backyard breeder trying her best to fool other breeders into providing her with a puppy she could use inappropriately in hopes of improving her bloodlines. Once I mentioned her kennel name in our text message conversation she knew her game was up. I ended up blocking her to stop the nasty messages from coming in.

I looked at her website and was saddened to see the poor quality of what she is breeding. The pedigrees she posts clearly show all dogs are coming from non-reputable breeders like herself with no bloodline affiliation.

My intent of this message is just to get her name out so other breeders are aware of her lack of integrity, bad character, and poor quality Bull Terriers she's producing. It's very disappointing to see more and more of these type breeders popping up that lack the knowledge, passion, and pride to breed with responsibility and proper ethics.

I encourage others to steer clear of Dino Bull Terriers located in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Known affiliates of Dino Bull Terriers include:  Kayla Benevidez and Joshua W. Stevens

- Steve Gogulski
"It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • She selling herself?, or the dogs?  Unfortunately there are cruds in every business... But why do there need to be (are allowed to be) cruds in the business of wonderful Bullie lives.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • A couple of her text messages to me - 
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • CHAMPIONSHIP EUROPEAN BLOODLINES! That is on her website. http://marketplace.akc.org/dino-bull-terriers She clearly has a disrespect for you Steve. She has even less for the Breed she claims she loves.
  • I don't think she knows anything about bloodlines. She lists 4 pedigrees on her website all of which clearly depict them coming from unknown bloodlines through other BYB's. No champions and no bloodlines with any reputation at all.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • I just wanna say that due to the dedication and knowledge of those who truly care about the breed and overall health of our EBTs such as @BULLIESOFNC and others on this site as well as others, I have gone from someone who always liked bull terriers simply because they were unique yet I knew nothing of the breed or its unique needs and personality, to someone who now understands and cares so much for the breed and the quality because of how much damage has been done by irresponsible and/or greedy individuals who simply do not appreciate and love the breed, but love themselves.

    I used to not care about breeders like this or the crazy person on the Facebook page wanting to breed a 6 month bullie that clearly should not be considered for that purpose due to MANY faults....but now I find myself getting angry and defending the quality and purity of the breed because of the crazy EBT lovers that have taught me so much about them and that I SHOULD be proud and protective of them.
    So thank a lot guys now I have a lot more anger than I used too!!!! Haha

    But also so much joy because I lucked up and was able to get my boy Bronte who clearly isn't up to standard but this guy was so roughed up and banged up when I got him and he is a big reason I care so much for the breed  now.

    So I guess this is a huge thank you and I now can agree with you guys when you get upset and angry over this stuff because of what I have learned about EBT from those that care about them most.
  • It's hard not to get so attached to the Bull Terrier breed when they bring us all so much love, affection, and loyalty. They can't defend themselves against the corruption of bad owners, bad breeders, and nasty people in general. I will forever help protect the breed and Bull Terriers will always be a part of my life.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • And that is why I thank you sir. For taking that stand and showing others it is important for them to take that stand as well!
    Bronte says thanks as well for teaching his oblivious owner a thing or two 
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  • Just from reading on this forum I'm amazed at the amount of backyard breeders that do nothing but harm to the breed , here in the UK we don't get this so much with bull terriers as they aren't a popular breed the breeders I spoke to in search of Teddy were all thorough and baisicly interviewed me asking what my lifestyle , living situation etc was like and even my work hours and dog owning experience before even entertaining the idea of letting me go and have a look at pups . We get a hell of a lot of backyard breeders with staffordshire bull terriers though it's incredibly shocking and I've seen countless no no's when it comes to breeding staffies such as no testing parents for L2HGA ( in my opinion this is a must ) amongst all the other checks I'm often left speechless with the lack of responsibility when it comes to breeding amongst these sorts of " breeders" whenever people ask me about buying a pedigree dog ( beats me why they ask me ) I always say go to an assured breeder listed on the kennel clubs assured breeder scheme or this can and does happen.... ( another breed but this is what happens when people just breed from any dog with no regard for health etc) 
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    That is so, so heartbreaking, Harriet-R... I have very tough days, dealing with clients that are, for the most part, complete arseholes...... and when I drive home (to my lovely Bullies) I often feel somewhat sorry for myself, having to wade through the smelly shyte that I need to, every week... But when you see a video like the one you posted, you realize that those emotions are ZERO!, when compared to the suffering of such wonderful creatures, brought about by certain elements, of what try to call themselves HUMAN!!, but, in truth, are little, nay, NO better than dog excrement themselves.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • @philsergeant they say as many as 50% of staffies now are carriers of this conditions and when you put two staffords together with this gene it creates what you see in the video this is all down to backyard breeders not doing anything to ensure they are breeding from healthy dogs and adhering to breed standards . You can get hold of a staffy for as little as £100 now and the majority end up in shelters most of them because people impulse buy these dogs which is all down too irresponsible breeding it makes me sick when I've visited rescues and it's just rows and rows of staffordshire bull terriers and jack russel terriers . It takes a special kind of person to raise a terrier of any breed and breeders just don't care who they give these dogs to or the health of the dog . It's extremely sad and if all goes well with the dog and owner if it's a staffy cross ( anything from labrador to viszla or boxer ) the police pretty much come and take them away for being " of type " ( a pitbull looking dog ) it's happened to my friends dog who is now exempted . I wouldn't want to be a staffordshire bull terrier in England 

    Please people be careful who you get puppies from otherwise you're paying an unethical breeder to be unethical 
  • It's apparent the breeders involved with "Dino Bull Terriers" are still very disappointed in my decision to refuse them a puppy from us. Although the rude young woman I spoke with on the phone (Kayla Benevidez) clearly understands that we do in fact provide "FULL Registration" on puppies with co-ownership contracts she still finds it necessary to complain about it because she's aware this would prevent her from breeding irresponsibly. It's obvious she has no clue about the policies responsible breeders enforce to protect their bloodlines from breeders like herself and ensure their bloodlines remain with a reputation for quality, health, and temperament.
    Due to unwarranted slander from affiliates from Dino Bull Terriers I am compiling records for legal action against them. Recently they have been desperately making attempts to slander our reputation due to our decision not to provide them with one of our puppies. Josh Stevens is an affiliated breeder of Dino Bull Terriers who has made a few attempts to join this Forum as well as conduct unwarranted slander online. Just like the phony story that Kayla presented me in her pursuit to purchase a puppy from us they are also using phony names and emails in an attempt to conduct unwarranted slander. They are in for a big surprise.
    It's literally amazing how some BYB's will get so upset when they are prevented from owning a reputable Bull Terrier and having the false illusion that they should be provided Full Registration in order to freely corrupt the bloodline with that of lesser quality Bull Terriers for the mere sake of selling puppies through their Puppy Mill.
    The truth is that most all breeders (including us) welcome FULL Registration for both breeding and showing. However, we do it with Co-ownership so we can ensure proper future breeding's and breeding practices are conducted appropriately with the intent to compliment the future offspring produced vice the opposite. People with true appreciation and valued interest in the future of the breed as well as the quality of puppies they plan on producing are always on board with the aspect of co-ownership knowing they will surely be allowed to breed and show if they are doing so with proper intent. However, for the ill minded BYB's and Puppymills they are well aware that their breeding practices are shunned for good reason and will not be tolerated which obviously prevents them from irresponsible breeding and corrupting bloodlines that have earned a reputation for excellence.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Geez. She's charming. Spellcheck, honey. Check it out.
    And kudos to you, Steve. Thanks for standing up for our future.
  • After posting this discussion I've been getting a lot of feedback from others who have had bad run ins or experiences with Dino Bull Terriers. Seems to be a lot of talk about them on Facebook as well.

    I received an email yesterday from the owner of Bull Terrier who explained how upset they are that Dino Bull Terriers has taken a photo of their Bullie and put it on their website as if the dog belongs to them or their bloodlines.

    Here's the photo they are posting on their website along with the original photos of Stephanie's Bull Terrier located in Virginia.

    Shameful that some breeders will steal photos from other people and exploit them on their website as to create a false illusion of the Bull Terriers they produce.

    Anyhow, I was asked by the owner of this Bull Terrier to include this information on this post because she is not a member.


    Hello Steve,
    I saw that you made a post the other day about DINO bull terriers. My sister and I just discovered that they are using a photo of one of our show bitches as their own under " bloodlines". I am really glad other people have reached out to them telling how awful they are. I was wondering if you could share my story on your wall via the Strictly Bull Terriers forum.

    Thanks Stephanie

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • Where on Facebook is this being discussed? I'd like to read it and maybe post what I know about Miss Dino.
  • It was posted on our Group Page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/897362186991321/

    Seems there are many people posting about them putting copyright photos on their website as if they are their Bull Terriers when in fact they aren't and have no permission to use the photos.

    I'm confident they will make appropriate adjustments to the unwarranted slander they did towards us as well as copyright infringement to others before legal action is taken against them.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Thank you, I missed that page entirely somehow.  

  • Pathetic how Kayla Benevidez not only uses other breeders adult Bullies on her website but she also steals photos of other breeder's puppies as if they were hers.
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • If they are on Facebook, shouldn't a complaint to Facebook get them taken down..??. I know a letter from the ACTUAL breeder sighting copyright infringement will get them to stop using fake photos... Unless they have got $0.5 million to waste.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • She seems to be really excited that she gives her customers 100% ownership with none of that co-ownership hassle that SOME breeders have....I wonder what terrible man would ever have such a horrible standard way of doing business so as to care for the dog and future of the breed!! 

    It seems people who truly care for this breed bother her for some reason 

    ;) :))
  • Yes. That is an interesting way of looking at it. It's as if she has a bad nagging conscience tormenting her, that causes her to want to have everyone else do things WRONG as well. So that the fact that SHE is committing WRONG is somehow made right.  Normalizing WRONG as RIGHT. Hey! that also sounds like most of society today. Water every principle down, so there's no difference between good and bad, right and wrong, decent and indecent. It's not bad enough (pun intended) that they just go off and do BAD, they must denigrate everyone that's doing GOOD.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • Phil seems to have hit the nail on the head with that last remark.....someone get that man a mic so he can drop it !
  • Seen this post on Facebook yesterday. Kayla certainly is making a name for herself  -

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • image
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • Simply amazes me how these people survive in business with these behaviours (besides living with themselves)... if I conducted myself in the slightest way poorly in our business we wouldn't last a month.... I guess dealling with the unsuspecting public is a lot easier!
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • Kayla from Dino Bull Terriers is so scorned that I acknowledged her corruption that she has gone on a crusade to cast libel comments and slander against us wherever she can. It's apparent she visits this post often. On a good note, at least there are thousands of views from this post which are providing authentic information about them and their atrocities within their ethics and breeding program. There will always be bad breeders out there eager to sell puppies for the sake of financial gain but Dino Bull Terriers has proven to be one that truly plaques the breed. My prayers are that this breeder will wash out and lose interest in breeding unhealthy sub par Bull Terriers.
    It's difficult for people that truly love the breed and have knowledge of breeders of this caliber that have no concern about the future integrity of the breed or the well being of the puppies they blindly sell with Full Registration to any person who wishes to carry on the same backyard breeding venture that compromises the health and quality of tomorrows Bull Terriers.
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • I'm seeing more and more complaints from others on Social media about this breeder.
    Here's an example of Kayla's wonderful character:

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
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  • Struggles to string a legible sentence together. Lol
  • I had to wait months to get a puppy from a good breeder. I could of got one immediately from a shitty sales site on the Internet. A good breeder does not need to advertise on these sites.
  • @Mickjameslenehan - I concur. :-bd

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Man, if for no other reason, we should build a wall just to keep these Neanderthals out
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
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