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  • G'day all,

    We just got Jane Killion's book and we're starting Thor with this system. Have many of you tried it? And is it effective? It's only been like two or three days so far and he seems to respond to some things better than others.

    Just getting a bit frustrated with training overall as i grew up with german shepherds and the difference between them and a bullie is obviously marked.



  • Great book!!! Just started it myself this week. All I can say is that Drogo absolutely loves the click 
  • The pigs fly method can be good for most bullies.

    However-I would not suggest turning to it for puppies or bullies with serious issues or if you bullie is on a diet, or if you cannot keep up with the large amounts of treats she uses.


    Try not to get too frustrated JUST yet-you've still got until around his 2-3rd birthday before he really seems to catch onto training ;)


  • CrozinOz, Wow, I also had a German Shepherd growing up and 2 of my own as an adult. I thought training my ebt would be so super easy because of that. Pffft! So wrong! LOL!!! Things that were so easy with the shepherds, like potty training, were harder and took a little longer with Apollo. I have been hearing about "When pigs fly" for months and months but still have not picked it up. The 2 books I used were "The Winning Edge" (for showing) and "Training the best dog ever. A 5 week program". The Winning Edge stresses to teach them as much as you can within the first few weeks because once they start to teething their attention span drives to nil. And his totally did. As for the 5 week program, I LOVED that book. She does something called a Jackpot. Its teaching 2-3 commands and then treating. (That's after all the basic skills are learned) There's clicker training, everything you need for earning good citizenship, and she has a website with schedules for keeping track of training. The women who wrote it is now deceased. She had a pretty tough life and training dogs was pretty much all she had. She trained Obama's Bo. I think you can go on Amazon and read a few chapters and see how you like it.
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    That dog "Bo" that you speak of may have required extensive training if he didn't have a good role model and owner didn't look after his best interest. Sometimes owners can be blind to the destruction they're doing to their own dog because they lack common sense, knowledge, and experience. I hope there's hope for "Bo" (and the rest of us). =))

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • I read the when pigs fly and loved the book although our bully didn't really respond to the clicks. But the other suggestions in the book worked for us, like for down I would treat while he layer down by himself and say down. He isn't really treat orientated. Treats work for a little while but toys also work great for us!
  • Oh Steve, here's the kicker of the story. Bo was a rescue!!!! He was evaluated and trained and Dawn fell so much in love with him she wanted to keep him. That's when she found out he was white house bound. That dog's probably the smartest animal in there!
  • So far, we're getting some mixed responses. Thor doesn't go too crazy for the clicker, but often responds to the sound. I'm still a little sceptical i guess about the pigs fly method. Time will tell no doubt.
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