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Tips for potty training EBT puppy

Ok Kaiser pee's and poo's almost on command when I take him outside and tell him go potty but wh.en I bring him back in less then 20 min after he's go's potty he's pee's again when he pee's as punishment I put him a in his cage for 10 to 20 mins with showing him any attention.... Any tips am I doing this right this is day number two at his new home


  • I wouldn't put him in his kennel as punishment, that needs to be his safe haven. I would suggest a quick yell and run him outside, once he pees outside, praise him.
  • Ok thanx Boyda your right I'll try it :)
  • Melo has been doing the same thing. It's hard getting him to use the wee wee pad
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    We never used pee pads except transporting Stoeger home. I'm with him 24/7 so I know it prob won't work for everyone, but this is what I did. I had Stoeger outside a lot when he first came home. I made sure he pee'd several times and poo. Then I took him outside every hour and sometimes more. After drinking, eating, sleeping, and play sessions. He was pretty much potty trained by 7 weeks and I can count on two hands the number of accidents he has Had. The technique either works or we are extremely lucky!
  • Ya I don't wanna potty pad train him the only use I have for his potty pad is for the inside of his cage which he don't potty in so it's more for just in case and thanx Stoges
  • I will tell you now though he won't potty unless it's on grass. We took him to a friends house in downtown Albany and it's just sidewalks with little patches for trees. I know he had to go but he kept looking at we like I'm hiding it please find a place. Then I found a grass patch for it had so much trash he started sniffing around instead of going potty! Geeze, you can't pay me enough to live in the city!
  • Being retired and home with Trayler almost 24/7 except on those days I go fishing, I took him outside to potty every 20 minutes when I first brought him home.  He only had three pee accident inside the house and on the third accident I gave him a stern scolding, he never had an accident again.  BTW, he has never had a poopie accident in the house.

    He sleeps thru-out the night since day one.  In the morning, it takes him 30-45 seconds to finishing peeing then he comes to me for kisses and praises.  After about a minute I tell him to go poopie and he goes poopie.  Gotta love that :)>-.
  • Awesome and ya gotta love the little moments in life ;)
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    Sounds you guys have it easy. I live in the city and I don't trust other people dogs, we'll at least not until he gets all his shots.
  • @SpudsKaiser & @AtibaCooper24 Like Stoges_mom said, take him out every hour on the hour. At this age he will have to go that often. After a week of that, work it back to every other hour. The next week, a few hours and so on. Here's another tip, I assume you're crating him at night? As soon as you wake up, you must let him outside to do his duty. You can't hesitate, immediately outside. If he has an accident in the house, you must pick him up and straight outside he goes. Mid-poop or pee, don't be afraid to interrupt. When he does his duty outside, praise him abundantly. It is also a good idea to tell him to "go pee" or "go poo".

  • P.S. We also used a crate with an adjustable divider inside. We only allowed Stoeger to have enough room to turn around and lay down to sleep. Adjust the divider as the pup gets bigger. The limited space will prevent him from going #1 or #2 in his crate.

    Also, don't allow the pup free roam of the house before potty trained. Always keep him in sight, always a good idea with mischievous Bully-Baby anyway ;)
  • Thanx Stoeger you broke it down good very informative
  • That's what this forum is all about ;)

    Let us know how he progresses!
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    At this age one must accept that they are too young to understand the difference... Frankly I think the "pee pads" are more confusing than benefit... They have to get the feeling that grass under feet is pee and poop place... And everywhere else isn't.... Pee/ poop on grass brings praise and treats, anywhere else takes admonishment and displeasure...... ( as someone earlier said not necessarily the crate)... It takes dozens of times but as long as you are consistent with the two place/ two result technique, it'll work finally, don't get impatient. If you HAVE to get stern you have too, they'll forgive you 20 minutes later.
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