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Jolly Ball

I have been thinking about getting one for my pair. Has anyone bought these before for their dog? Any recommendations or suggestions as to which one or what size?
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  • I just got Stoeger one a few days ago. The I bought was a ball with a rope through it. He loves it! He is content playing with us with it or by himself.
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  • Brutus LOVES the one with the holes in it and the teaser ball inside. I buy the medium. I would like to try the solid one or the one stoeger has with the rope too:)
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  • As far as wich one your dog will decide that one ;)
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  • Yes! Stoeger picked his out in the store. They only had two, the one we got and a solid smaller one with a handle. He had no use for the solid one but he is a rope lover!
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    I keep on wanting to take a picture of the one I bought a while back to demonstrate my point.... I will get to it, meanwhile, what I found is a) they love them, and b) they gnaw at the holes and make the edge of the hole VERY ragged and sharp. Then they have their nose ins the hole in order to gnaw on the other edge ( other part of the hole's circumference) and he tear their noses up something frightful because the hard plasti, rough edge is like a bread knife .... The first time Marco came to me with blood streaming down his face I tossed the darn thing in the garage.... I've got to go find it and take a pic of what I mean.
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  • That's why I liked the one with the rope through it. The holes are just big enough for the rope. Stoeger just likes to drag the ball part by the rope and I haven't seen him chewing on the ball part yet. He also likes me to hold one end an him the other and run next to each other.
  • They do get sharp and I have tried every ball I could find but nothing tweaks his freak like a jolly teaser ball. His nose does at time get wounds and yes bloody but no scars have ever been left. With his enery level and no friend to play with I am at a loss. Hes never tired!! He also loves his flirt stick but will leave that in a sec. For his jolly ball. I would like to try the other two in hopes their less abrasive to the face. Here's a pic of Brutus this morning and you can see the jagged edges from his chewing. 
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  • He doesn't get near as torn up since he's older. When he was a pup he could eat thru one in a couple days and yes his face was always torn up. So yes phil they are a double edge sword. He's mellowed though and one will last a month or so now and not beat him up near as bad.
    Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear your words.
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