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Male versus female personalities in EBT

I am just curious why so many EBT breeders tell me the same thing about the personality differences in genders. I mostly get the male EBT'S are like the big buff lovable dumb jocks and the females are the smart innovative creative feisty bitches always causing trouble. Is this the case the majority of time in genders of this breed. I am not trying to be sexist since I know there are exceptions to the rule but why are so many breeders saying the same thing.


  • That's been my experience too. The males seem to be calmer once they've matured. Feisty is a good word for the females! One of my girls is pretty calm though. Not the least bit feisty unless she sees the cat lol. I think she really would have a go at him if she had the chance.
  • I think that most people are going to form their own opinion based on the BT's they've raised. Through my experience I've seen it go both ways so I think it would be very difficult to truly say one gender, as a whole, will have differences over the opposite gender.
    In all actuality it's my males that are more energetic than my females. However, if I were to compare Rocky to Nitro there's a big difference in their energy level, loyalty, fiestyness, etc. The difference in my opinion is their bloodlines. The same would go if I were to compare Cyra to Makoa as they both have completely different personalities.
    A few months ago both Trent (Blitzkrieg Bullies) and I were comparing Deuce with Schilo who are litter mate sisters and now that they are over a year old we can note the differences within both personality and appearance.
    BT's go through many personality changes as they get older and their temperament, energy, and tolerances are hard to predict regardless of gender. It's obvious that all BT's (as with many other breeds) calm down considerably as the get older and become less active especially if they are an only dog.
    My personal opinion is that the females are the ones that have a tendency to be a little more intelligent, loyal, less hyper, and easier to manage than the males which can remain in the stubborn stage for prolonged period of time.
    Currently Kolohe is our oldest BT and she's always been calm, cool, and collected. She was very easy to train and has always been the most loyal companion you could ever ask for. She's laid back in her ways now, gained a few unwanted pounds, and is keeps her distance from the younger Bullies showing too much energy. As a matter of fact if Kolohe is at the door asking to go out and I open the door for her and another young Bullie darts past her to head out the door she'll stop, look up at me, and walk back in the house as though she's saying "forget it, I'll go back out later when he decides to come back in."
    Here's my favorite video of Kolohe:

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Wow I love kolohe. I hope I can train beau that well!
  • I haven't seen it discussed anywhere, but has anyone noticed any differences in personality or size based on colour? Is one colour more likely to be bigger than the others or have a different temperament etc or are they all pretty much the same
  • The color of a Bull Terrier has no merit on their size or temperament. Size and temperament are inherited through the genetics of their bloodlines.
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Thanks. Just something I sometimes wondered.
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