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Counter surfing

We've been having major issues with Apollo counter surfing. Most of the time he just looks up there, But yesterday he got a roll of bubble wrap and worse, one of  my husbands pens. Not just any pen. He hand turns his own and Apollo ate a $60 sale.....Very upsetting to say the least. He's also snagged chicken nuggets, sandwiches and snack cakes. I was using a squirt bottle, but it doesn't work anymore. Any suggestions to keep him off the counter?? 


  • I don't know if this will work for your needs but...

    Every time I spot Stoeger ready to leap up on or looking at a table (usually interested in food). I make him lay down.

    Stoges_mom has done the hard work of teaching him Down. I'm just making it a more useful command.

    The way I look at it, he's not getting any food off the table or counter no matter how hard he tries or begs. So I make him lay down and conserve his effort.

    It seems when I make him lay down, he loses interest quickly and wanders off after a minute or two.

    If Apollo gives you some sort of hint prior to jumping on the counter, may be try this technique?
  • He's more sneaky about it. That second you turn your back he's up there. Yesterday I was baking and there was a box obstructing my view. I heard a weird click and when I walked around the counter there was Apollo under the table eating the pen. If that box wasn't there I would have been able to see him jump up on the table. Thank goodness it was for his brother and not a "real" client. We didn't tell him the dog ate it. How embarrassing would that be?
  • I've had a couple that I never could break of it. They were only interested in food though. I just keep everything pushed back. If the squirt bottle isn't working, I've heard of people taping a handful of pennies inside a pop can or plastic bottle. They throw it near the dogs feet when he's misbehaving. The noise is supposed to startle him and he'll stop whatever he's doing. I've never tried this myself though.
  • I have heard of the pennies in a bottle, but never thought to use it for that. We don't have very deep counters so it's easy for him to grab whatever he wants as soon as you turn your back. Yesterday he snagged a roll. I've been trying to train him to stay out of that very small part of the kitchen. I was going to do the double sided tape but then I'll be sticking to it too. I like trying to keep him off limits. Then I don't have to worry about him running up when I have the oven door open. It's going to take some time though. He comes running as soon as he even thinks I have food out!
  • You just reminded me of when I had a bullie named Cadillac. She came running every single time we opened the fridge. As a pup, she grabbed a clementine orange off the shelf. Thinking this would teach her a lesson, you know - how they're not supposed to like anything citrus, I let her eat it. She loved it! Grabbed one every chance she got lol. Always had to keep them in the crisper after that. Needless to say, the citrus spray didn't work - I threw it out :)
  • That's so funny!!! Goodness they're so naughty!! Apollo will come running when he hears the ice machine. My daughter tripped the other day and fell into the fridge where her hand slammed into the ice button. All this ice fell to the floor and Apollo was in hog heaven!
  • I think they are just like kids.  We put plastic caps in wall sockets, cabinet locks for chemicals and put everything up.  Just have to be vigilant in watching and reprimanding.  Someday it will all click and Apollo will grow up to where you can trust him.  But there will be a time to time where that temptation will be way to much and they will GO FOR IT.  Lucian is very good but he will grap it off the coffee table if left for way to long.  I think once he has drooled for 30 minutes its his.
    Craig Lee
    BONC Jacksonville NC
  • Leaving something on my coffee table is just asking for trouble! =)) He's doing super with sit/stays!!! He can't pass the fridge or the pantry door. If stays, he gets treats thrown to him! :)
  • Stoeger isn't talk enough yet to reach the counter but he is getting brave enough to jump up on the coffee table and see what he is missing. He hasn't stole anything yet but we keep a pretty close eye on him.
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