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Speaking of Collar..

One speaks of pinch collar but I haven't read anything about anyone using a remote e-collar. 



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    From the Thor Obey thread... Jai23 asked:
    I've never heard of a pinch collar?? What does it do? Will it help her
    to walk instead of sitting on her toosh? It seems she will only walk
    with either my husband or I if we have one of our children! which they're not eager to do and are at school! Do you think that collar will encourage her? It won't hurt her? Thanks

    Seon, you will see pic of the prong or pinch collar we bought for Stoeger.

    Here is the actual product for sale--> http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12672918&f=PAD/psNotAvailInUS/No

    To me it looks a bit barbaric... So I decided to use it on myself to see how it felt. It is to small to fit around my neck but I clipped it around my forearm, hooked a lead to it and gave the leash a quick tug. It didn't hurt but it was clear it lived up to it's name and gave a little pinch. I then applied a sustained pull until the collar left indentations on my skin. Sure my arm skin isn't as tender as a puppies neck but clearly from my self-administered test, it was safe for our pup.

    It took Stoeger a couple days to get used to wearing the collar (we didn't apply the pinch during this time). It came in real handy recently on a couple mile hike. A quick little tug on occasion and he'd stop pulling or going in a direction other than our planned route.

    On a harness that hike would have been a nightmare. Instead, we all enjoyed ourselves. We will be testing this again on another hike this coming weekend.

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    Yes Stoeger's...if used properly they are a huge help.. Anybody considering one should invest in a good one, preferably stainless steel and the good ones have the prongs well ground rounded so as not to scratch or cut.
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    Steve, thanks for that link. 

    Hey Stoeger, thanks for that link.  Seen them at stores but also thought they would be painful but apparently not.  ;)
  • I seriously debated buying one last week. I don't know why I can't seem to do it. My friend keeps telling me to get th Martindale collar.
  • Consistency is key with the prong collar. If you're worried you can do two leads where one goes to the prong and one to a harness. Use the harness for directing while prong for quick correction. You want to condition them into walking so if you do prong collar one day and harness/leash then you're likely telling em its ok to walk on some days and to pull on others and can cause confusion. Consistency.

    I've had Spud on the prong collar since 6 months. At 7 months we did our first 8 mile hike. At 8 months we are doing off leash now but it's been hard work so far. Patience is key.
  • I am so thankful for this forum. I haven't sat down and really read into stuff for a while. I didn't want people to think I was complaining, but then I come on here and see that people are going through the same stuff as me! It's a relief!
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    Yeah! It's a great place huh! I've learned so much here and I appreciate y'all a big bunch, the regulars, the comers and goers... All great company and I LOVE that everyone LOVES BULLIES!!!!! =((
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • Yes, good forums. I don't want to make any generalizations but most forums have trolls and bashers. The people here have all been welcoming and just good times. It's easy to be behind a computer but its better when it's all for the goodness of our bullies.
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    Well a fellow fisherman generously offered to lend me a
    "Tri-tonics" remote collar and Trayler has had it on for a couple of days
    now.  I won't activate it until he's used to wearing the collar, probably another two or three days.

    I've had him outside without a leash several times and has been doing well when I called him
    back so hopefully it won't take too many “pings” before he's trained.

  • I haven't even been to any other forums. People are so mean sometimes and twist your words. Not here!
    I bought a martingale collar today. It says it "escape proof". I have to say I like it, but after using it, it's pointless. Apollo doesn't pull on the leash. What I should have bought was the Gentle Leader. He keeps his head down and sniffs while we walk. He's been kicked in the face about 6 times because of this. I always feel like crap, but I can't help it when I take a step and he moves his head at the same time. I guess that will be the next trip into town.
    What is Tri-tonics? I assume its a collar where you control the shock?
  • I've had some success with a remote collar, my dogs will go insane if my neighbors are watering. They can hear it through the fence and want to get to the other side. I purchased the collar as a last resort method of training, because I always felt horrible about using them. Before we even put it on our dogs we sat in the kitchen and "shocked" ourselves all the way up to max. I have to say, it didn't hurt, but it was a shock. Reminded me of licking the tip of a battery or a rubber band snap. We used it with success as far as them not tearing into the fence and now we rarely have to use it. It took about three shocks for them to understand when I say no, I mean no. Funny thing is, all I have to do is put the collar on and they are little angles, they know that one means business. I'm not really into the shock collars, but I do think they have their pros in pulling my pups out of their tunnel vision. I was more afraid that they were going to hurt themselves trying to eat through the fence then what a little shock was going to do to them.
  • I decided to use the collar on Trayler this morning when he ran off after a bird.  I yelled at him to come twice, the third time I pushed the button and he stopped in his track, turned around and looked at me.
    When I called him to come again, I push the button again then he came running back.

    Later we're in my computer room and he got a hold of a sheet of paper so I told him to drop it.  He looked at me, but didn't listen so I pushed the button and he dropped it quick.  Afterwards he grabbed another piece of paper so I told him to drop it but rather than activating the electronic, I pushed the warning button and he immediately dropped the paper and walked into his crate.  Humm, it appears to be a great start.

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